Causes and results of consolidating monetary framework with organization unit

Bangladesh Planning Commission, a focal arranging association is liable for defining in general financial advancement plans and program of the nation. Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman gave most elevated need to a vital institutional structure for these exercises and built up the super service entitled ‘Bangladesh Planning Commission.

It was made out of the authorities in various fields. Since beginning in 1972 the Planning commission has been perceived as a significant level proficient association and performing obligation in regard of Development Planning/Strategy.

The then Planning Minister, and Member, General Economic Division, arranging commission didn’t consent to incorporation of arranging commission’s authorities in the BCS unit 1980, because of fear of debilitating of the arranging commission’ capability.

Anyway BCS Economic unit was along these lines shaped with 267 Planning commission’s legitimate including 40 officials for various services. Later on the framework quality expanded to 530 because of ensuing incorporation of IMED and some ERD authorities.

Bangladesh has now affable administrations with 27 frameworks to perform particular capacity over the open segment as indicated by distribution business of services/divisions. Out of these BCS administrator is for the most part field based general unit while BCS financial is national head quarter based specific framework .

Monetary framework authorities are prepped by specific standard of instruction and preparing that make them master in recognizing improvement objectives, systems and approach quantifies and getting ready advancement plan, process ventures and so forth. Thus the arranging commission made out of these Economic framework authorities remained as expert association

The administration has combined two particular units of the common assistance – administrator and financial to decrease imbalance looked by monetary framework official in advancements, stipends, different offices for example Intrigue free vehicle credit and so forth. Authorities BCS Economic units are presently considered as that of BCS administrator framework.

It was important to examine whether Admin framework official have the specialized information and abilities to release upgraded obligations being developed arrangement. There is an uncertainty whether government, before canceling financial unit, counseled with open assistance commission required under artcle140 (2) of the constitution,

The financial framework authorities have now gotten opening to be presented on positions proportionate to their status and positions and get chance to go about as generalist, keep up lawfulness, gather land income, perform magistracy work, and so forth.

Additionally Admn framework authorities will be presented on positions in the monetary unit. There are surplus officials in Admn framework advanced on political thought without empty posts without going along rule and guideline and thinking about legitimacy, ability and genuineness.

Since there is no unmistakably characterized arrangement for the exchange and posting of Civil hirelings, there is not something to be astonished if there are postings of three Additional Secretaries instead of one Division Chief (Ali Imam Majumder, Prothom Alo 25/1/2017), more than one Joint Secretary and Deputy Secretary in the situation of one Joint Chief and Deputy boss separately.

Accordingly they would not have explicit employment duty or even any appropriate office space to sit.

Henceforth vulnerability and abnormality may emerge in performing work duty in detailing of advancement systems, planning of large scale and sectoral plan, venture handling and observing which require proficient aptitude and information.

Truth be told amalgamation of common help doesn’t encourage better administration rather makes oddity in administrations.

As indicated by Shawkat Ali, in his book ‘Bangladesh Civil assistance’ 2009 P 98) the Industrial Management Service, 1973 converged with Administration framework prompted peculiarities in the field of organization.

Along these lines there will be expertise – work jumble between Admn unit authority’s ability and information and explicit occupation prerequisite in the arranging commission, therefore wastefulness and powerlessness to design and deal with the improvement movement would be inescapable.

These sort of assimilation, assuming any, is followed for advantage of staff by combining Bangladesh Boarder Guard with Bangladesh Army, Ansar unit with that of Police, Taxation framework with that of Custom and Excise, PWD unit with that of Road and Highway, etc, the motivation behind designating just as executing government business by various services will be disturbed.

One school of ‘Authoritative Behavior’ sees that staff angle is one of significant components for an association, however association is more noteworthy than its faculty.

Staff issues, when emerges in association, is to be illuminated by ‘Contracting and Firing’ framework at the enthusiasm of an association.

Government could address the work force issues by expelling disparity in advancement, remittances, and different offices without blending it with the Administration framework.

While accomplishing the social and financial results of the vision 2021 and Sustainable Development Goal are principle government motivation 2030, getting ready arrangement and preparing large task will be the arranging commission’s prime obligation.

It was, consequently, important to increment further the productivity of the monetary unit authorities.

Tragically, the inverse occurred. The demonstrable skill of the arranging commission is presently likely going to be dissolved because of faculty issues

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