Antarctica registers record temperature of more than 20 C

Researchers in Antarctica have recorded another record temperature of 20.75 degrees Celsius (69.35 Fahrenheit), breaking the hindrance of 20 degrees just because on the mainland, a specialist said Thursday.

“We’d never observed a temperature this high in Antarctica,” Brazilian researcher Carlos Schaefer told AFP.

He advised that the perusing, taken at a checking station on an island off the mainland’s northern tip on February 9, “has no importance regarding an environmental change pattern,” since it is an irregular temperature and not part of a long haul informational index.

Be that as it may, news that the cold mainland is currently recording temperatures in the generally pleasant 20s is probably going to additionally fuel fears about the warming of the planet.

The perusing was taken at Seymour Island, some portion of a chain off the landmass that bends out from the northern tip of Antarctica.

The island is home to Argentina’s Marambio inquire about base.

Schaefer, a dirt researcher, said the perusing was taken as a major aspect of a 20-year-old research venture on the effect of environmental change on the district’s permafrost.

The past high was during the 19s, he said.

“We can’t utilize this to envision climatic changes later on. It’s an information point,” he said.

“It’s essentially a sign that something else is going on around there.”

All things considered, he included, a temperature that high had never been enrolled in Antarctica.

Quickening melt-off from icy masses and particularly ice sheets in Antarctica is helping drive ocean level ascents, undermining seaside megacities and little island countries.

The news came seven days after Argentina’s National Meteorological Service recorded the most sweltering day on record for Argentine Antarctica: 18.3 degrees Celsius at early afternoon at the Esperanza base, situated close to the tip of the Antarctic promontory.

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