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Profoundly Enmeshed in the Language Movement

We recently talked about how the language development began in Dhaka University following the production of Pakistan, and how rising political pioneer Sheik Mujib assumed a spearheading job with his co-pioneers. Sheik Mujib was put to prison alongside others on 11 March 1948, which drummed up some excitement in the understudy network. Mujib was before long discharged and directed a bigger dissent meeting in Dhaka University grounds, and furthermore drove the development with more extensive help of the understudies and other social activists. Perpetually, he needed to invest much more energy in prison from 1948 to 1952 for resisting the abusive system.

Mujib vowed to the amazing old stories artist Abbasuddin that he would put forth a valiant effort to make Bengali a state language. Sheik Mujib was a tasteful pioneer and realized how to acknowledge workmanship and culture. This imaginativeness is reflected in the words he wrote in his journals about the nature of Abbasuddin’s tunes, which he heard while returning by pontoon from the town to get the train at Ashuganj railroad station. In his own words, “I would consider a piece of my life inadequate on the off chance that I hadn’t had the event that day to hear Mr. Abbasuddin sing bhatiali tunes as we crossed the stream. At the point when he was singing these tunes as we crossed the waterway that day, I couldn’t help suspecting that the delicately lapping waves were hypnotized by his singing.” (The Unfinished Memoirs”, 2019 pp. 118-19). And afterward he admitted that he was at that point fan of this incredible vocalist. Mr. Abbasuddin reminded Mujib about the requirement for a more grounded development to maintain the respect of Bengali language, thus he just took another new pledge. Again in his own words, “He let me know at a certain point, ‘Mujib, there is an intrigue in progress against the Bengali language. In the event that Bengali isn’t made a state language, Bengal’s way of life and human progress will be under danger. The tunes that you have acknowledged so much today will lose all their appeal and song. Whatever occurs, Bengali must be made the state language.’ I promised to him that I would attempt to make it our state language and have put forth a valiant effort to accomplish this goal.”(‘The Unfinished Memoirs’, on the same page. p.119).

That he kept his words has likewise been approved by the Intelligence Branch’s Special Report on him dated tenth December 1949. The 19 point report included how Sheik Mujib grabbed the eye of the Intelligence Branch when the parcel occurred. It clarified everything beginning from his job in the Dawal development to his requests for the abolishment of the Zamindari framework, food and garments for the individuals, and his job in the language development. A capture warrant was given against Sheik Mujib on 30thDecember, 1949 dependent on this report. On 31st December he was captured from a house in Lalbagh of Old Dhaka (SECRET DOCUMENTS OF INTELLINGENCE BRANCH ON FATHER OF THE NATION BANGABANDHU Sheik MUJIBUR RAHMAN Edited by Sheik Hasina, Hakkani distributers, Volume-1, page-326).He was in prison for over two years a while later.

The report arranged on 17thJanuary, 1950 said that Sheik Mujib was captured for a half year under the Public Security Act. The report likewise marked him the ‘most hazardous man’ in the East Bengal Muslim Student’s League, who yielded enough capacity to make issue for the state at some random second (in the same place, page-354).

Maulana Bhasani and Shamsul Huq visited him at the prison entryway on eighteenth January and guaranteed him that they would get him liberated soon. Notwithstanding, Sheik Mujib wound up going through over 2 years in prison in that spell of political detainment. Indeed, even in prison Mujib didn’t avoid giving political proclamations. On 26thNovember, 1950 he was moved to Gopalganj sub-prison for the sake of his preliminaries with the goal that political pioneers of Dhaka couldn’t meet him. He was moved again to Faridpur prison. What’s more, in this manner he used to be moved from one prison to the next for the sake of preliminaries just to make a request for delaying his discharge. This issue seriously affected his wellbeing and he therefore became sick (‘The Secret Documents’, Volume-2, page-4).

The report arranged on 26thFebruary, 1951 stated, “His mentality was exceptionally firm”. Sheik Mujib was living in Khulna prison during this time. While saying something he had raised the battle he experienced to realize Pakistan. Furthermore, presently he was eager to forfeit his life to carry grins to the essences of individuals of Pakistan. He would prefer to kick the bucket than sign a bond for his discharge (ibid,Volume-2, page-13).

There was a request on 7thMarch, 1951 that Mujib would be moved from Khulna to Barisal prison. The report of 8thMarch, 1951 said that he would be captured again under the Public Security Act as he had wouldn’t sign the bond. On fourteenth March the commonplace court of Gopalganj conceded him bail. Around 200 understudies started a parade with mottos, for example, “Pakistan Zindabaad” and “Sheik Mujib Zindabaad”. Mujib then gave a discourse requesting that these understudies remain against the degenerate government. He was captured again around the same time at night from before his own home. The next day there was strike in Gopalganj requesting of his discharge (on the same page, Volume-2, page-30 and 31). His diary additionally affirms this.

By August 1951, Mujib’s wellbeing disintegrated. He was sent to Dhaka Central Jail for treatment on 29th August. He composed a little letter to the editorial manager of “Ittefaq” paper, Tofajjel Hossain Manik Mia, with respect to his wellbeing. This letter gives us that despite the fact that he was enduring in jail and mortally sick, he would even now not acknowledge any bad form. The letter read this way:

“Manik Bhai,

Take my Salam. I think all of you have gotten somewhat eager for me. Try not to stress. I am conceded in the prison clinic. They are attempting a great deal for my treatment. I may need to go through some more days in the emergency clinic since my wellbeing has not yet improved.

… you will be glad to know, I have stopped smoking. Since how much longer will I squander my dad’s cash. What’s more, my wellbeing is additionally not well on the grounds that out of nowhere, in the wake of coming to Dhaka prison, I have seen blood in my spit for three days. This might be because of the chilly I caught.However, it is smarter to be cautious. There’s no data about how much longer I need to remain here. I have requested a X-beam yet the legislature consistently sets aside effort to do these things. It is questionable when I will get my X-beam yet I am attempting to get it as quickly as time permits. The Super of Dhaka Jail is an excellent specialist so I plan to recover soon. There is no motivation to stress. Regardless of whether I were to pass on in jail, I would in any case not bow down to these untruths…

After around a half year of Sheik Mujib’s exchange to Dhaka Central Jail in late 1951, the episodes of the language development on February 21, 1952 occurred. Prior he was additionally taken to the Dhaka Medical College clinic as the Jail emergency clinic couldn’t treat him appropriately. He was given a lodge also.

He met the greater part of the understudy heads from various gatherings and gatherings in the late night while in the medical clinic to chalk out a region shrewd political program of watching 21st February as State Language Day with a convener from the Students’ League.

He likewise chose to go on a craving strike from sixteenth February onwards. Before long he was reclaimed to the focal prison despite the fact that his wellbeing didn’t improve a lot.

Subsequent to neglecting to deter him from the choice of the appetite strike, he and his individual protesterMohiuddin were moved to Faridpur prison on fifteenth February. Both them began a hungerstrike in Faridpur prison on sixteenth February as proposed, trusting that there would be an upheaval of mass resentment on 21stFebruary.

The Secret Document Report of twentieth February expressed that flyers about the appetite strike of Sheik Mujib and Mohiuddin were appropriated in better places of Dhaka on nineteenth February. The report about Sheik Mujib’s craving strike added more fuel to the language development.

On 21stFebruary, 1952 the police started shooting at the understudies fighting for Bengali as a state language. Salam, Barkat, Rafiq, Jabbar and numerous other obscure understudies were martyred on that day.

Sheik Mujib and Mohiuddin’s wellbeing then again, decayed further during their appetite strike for which they were admitted to the prison medical clinic.

From the ‘Incomplete Memoirs’, we become more acquainted with that when Sheik Mujib found out about what befell the fighting understudies, he was amazingly disheartened despite the fact that he himself was in exceptionally unexpected weakness around then.

In his own words, “… Later that night I turned out to be truly stressed when I heard what had occurred in Dhaka. It was hard to tell what number of individuals had really kicked the bucket in the city. In any case, we realized that numerous individuals had been shot to death. Both of us were lying in contiguous beds.

The doctor had asked us not to move at everything except such was our fervor that we were up soon. Two detainees had been relegated to look out for us and to go to our necessities.

They set us back to the bed right away. I was feeling vexed and appeared to have lost all limit with respect to thought. Why had they depended on shooting the demonstrators?

They were watching a strike and were in a parade, expecting to hold a gathering however not to upset the lawfulness circumstance. Without a doubt nobody had any goal of getting brutal. The inconvenience of area 144 consistently prompts savagery and an administrationis much happier without forcing it.

Exceptionally late that night a gatekeeper disclosed to me that numerous understudies had kicked the bucket and a lot more had been kept. That was all that we got some answers concerning the day’s going on that night. As it is we were making some intense memories resting and since we realized what had happened rest demonstrated unimaginable… “(‘ The Unfinished Memoirs’, ibid.p.202)

The Secret Reports numbering 78, 79, 80 and 81 of the Intelligence Branch let us realize that the administration was getting exacting admonitions from

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