Poll finds 66 percent of Americans under 30 disapprove of President Trump

Two in 3 Americans beneath thirty years recent disapprove of President Trump’s job performance thus far, and roughly 0.5 say they believe his border wall, travel ban and health care legislation would create the country worse, per a replacement poll from Harvard.
Only thirty two p.c of surveyed Americans ages eighteen to twenty nine years recent say they approve of Trump’s time as president thus far. A majority disapprove of him on most major problems, from the economy (59 percent) to health care (66 percent) to race relations (70 percent). They conjointly disapprove of Trump on temperature change (68 percent) and handling ISIS (64 percent).
Half of Americans beneath thirty polled say building a border wall with Mexico can create America worse — doubly as several because the twenty three p.c UN agency say it’ll create America higher.
Pluralities of american citizens beneath thirty say 2 alternative things on Trump’s agenda would create America worse: Health care legislation that might repeal and replace Obamacare (45 percent) and a ban on new visas for travelers from six Muslim-majority countries (48 percent).
An first rudiment News/Washington Post poll last week found that forty two p.c of american citizens asked approved of Trump, whereas fifty three p.c rejected.
The Harvard poll, from the university’s Institute of Politics, was conducted from March ten to twenty four.
Both parties in Congress area unit unpopular among young Americans. A majority surveyed, 54 percent, say they disapprove of Democrats in Congress, and also the Republican majority is even a lot of unpopular , garnering a sixty nine p.c disapproval rating.
Very few Americans beneath thirty UN agency were surveyed say they approve of Trump’s tweets. solely eleven p.c say they suppose Trump’s use of Twitter is “mostly applicable,” versus sixty eight p.c UN agency say it’s “mostly inappropriate.”
The survey signals major distrust for big establishments to try and do the correct issue “often.” solely twenty four p.c say they trust the president to try and do therefore. Likewise, solely twenty p.c trust Congress, sixteen p.c trust the media, and twelve p.c trust Wall Street. Slightly a lot of trust the U.S. military, the Supreme Court and also the United Nations: fifty p.c, forty six p.c and thirty-nine p.c, severally.
The Harvard Institute of Politics Survey of Young Americans’ Attitudes Toward Politics and Public Service examines beliefs of american citizens ages eighteen to twenty nine. The organization polled a pair of,654 respondents. The margin of error is +/– a pair of.7 percent.

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