Cows brokers place faith on greatest yearly deals. Clients stay far separated on costs

The greater part of the clients who come to Masud Rana, a dairy cattle broker, make inquiries about costs and afterward leave. None of them show any enthusiasm for purchasing a creature. Masud went to the conciliatory animal market at Postogola in Dhaka with 60 bovines from Kushtia, a region known for cows cultivating.

Al Amin, Mohammad Mohsin, Reaz Uddin and numerous different brokers repeated the equivalent. A few clients offer such a low value, that the merchants will be left with no benefit on the off chance that they sell the creature.

Dealers have extended the cost for a neighborhood bull weighing around 185 kg to 300 kg at Tk 150,000 to Tk 230,000, they said. A neighborhood crossbred cow weighing 260 kg to 300 kg is valued between Tk 80,000 and Tk 100,000.

The cost of a major estimated bull weighing around 370 kg to 590 kg extends between Tk 100,000 and Tk 400,000, while a nearby bull is evaluated at Tk 250,000 to Tk 450,000, contingent upon the size of the creature.

“The market has enough flexibly of creatures, however clients have no enthusiasm for purchasing. They simply come and ask the cost and leave. We’re destined in the event that it proceeds,” said Mohammed Mohsin, a dairy cattle dealer from Kushtia.

“I don’t hope to make a benefit this time. Just a couple of clients offered a conventional value today. The clients offer a value Tk 60,000-70,000 not as much as what we request. We can’t manage the cost of such an enormous misfortune,” said Al Amin, another merchant.

Venders were sitting tight for clients at the steers showcase in Kamalapur where creatures began to show up on Thursday.

Shahin Alam from Jhenaidah couldn’t sell a solitary dairy animals since Thursday.

“We can’t sell a creature as the clients are offering low costs. On the off chance that we request Tk 150,000 they are offering Tk 80,000. There will be no benefit on the off chance that we sell in light of present conditions,” said Shafi Alam, another dealer.

“It’s difficult to anticipate the deal this year due to the coronavirus pestilence. I don’t think it’ll live up to our desires. How about we see what happens two days preceding the Eid day. Possibly the quantity of clients will increment later,” said Yusuf Ali, another steers dealer.

Among the 11 dairy cattle markets under Dhaka South City Corporation, the market in North Shahjahanpur was discovered packed on Sunday.

“Clients have begun to visit and show intrigue. I have seen a couple of them purchasing creatures in the event that they arrive at a pleasant cost,” said Pijir Mondal from Jhenaidah.

The merchants, be that as it may, were unhappy with the cost cited by the clients.

“How might they provide such a minimal effort estimate! Would we be able to sell a cow at that cost?” said Md Murad Ali, a disappointed merchant from Natore.

“I purchased a bovine a year ago. This time they are approaching Tk 35,000 more for a comparative dairy animals. I am mindful that this year the cost will shoot up in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and floods,” said Mostafizur Rahman, a client


Indian cows were found in Postogola and Shahjahanpur markets in spite of the boycott forced by the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock.

They brought those dairy animals much in front of the Eid-ul-Azha, said the brokers in the Postogola advertise.

“Indian cows are sought after. None of the tenants of the creature showcase educated us regarding the boycott. We never heard that we can’t sell Indian dairy animals,” said Masud Rana, a merchant.

The renters of the market were not found to discuss the issue.

“How might they force a boycott without dissecting the market?” said Shahin Alam, another broker.


In spite of the fact that Dhaka South City Corporation requested individuals to carefully hold fast to the wellbeing convention in the conciliatory creature advertises, nobody is tailing it.

“I left my cover at home. I ought to have worn it,” said Suman Mia, a purchaser at the Postogola creature advertise. didn’t perceive any activity by the dealers to gracefully cleansers, hand sanitisers and veils in any creature showcase.

“I didn’t want to wear a veil. Who are you to get some information about it?” said Saddam Hossain, a purchaser clearly infuriated by an inquiry on why he was outside without a cover.

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