politics is being militarized-Gorbachev


Online dex: Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the US President, he said, “politics is being militarized. At the same time starting a new arms race. It seems that the world is getting ready for a new war.

The last president of the former Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev made the comment. He’s ready for another world war.

Gorbachev told Time magazine in an interview with the UK. The Independent reported.
The 85-year-old Gorbachev said, “Today the whole world overflowed with the nuclear issue. Policy-makers seem confused and defeated.

However, a new arms race and the militarization of politics is more important than the problem.

This competition is our highest priority must be to stop devastating thing. ”
Gorbachev considers the current situation more dangerous. He said NATO and Russian troops and weapons pointed at each other at a certain distance has been deployed. ”

How Europe army, tanks and armed soldiers are being deployed in the Russian-Ukrainian origin, he talked about the netagarbhacebha the politicians and military leaders are constantly talking about the warlord.

Melacchena in tune with the trend commentator and TV personalities all around the world looks to the world as war prastutasena, tanks and armed soldiers have been deployed all over are confused.

The main object of this competition is to stop his devastating “to highlight our highest priority.”