Smartphone cause of the fire out

Dhaka office: the world’s biggest smartphone company Samsung has admitted that, due to faulty battery Seven models of the Galaxy Note phone caught fire.
In a statement, the company says, the phone’s software or hardware, but none caught fire was the battery is hot. The main problem was the battery design and building.
According to the announcement, the company has claimed responsibility for this mistake, the battery will not take any legal action against the manufacturer.
The phone’s battery makers Samsung and Chinese manufacturers emapereksa esadiai a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung technology.
Towards the end of August last year, Samsung’s smartphone Galaxy Note was quite popular in the market after seven to customers.
It was the best Android phones and i-phones competing in the market. But after leaving the market to hold the phone number of fire incidents.
Mobile phone pocket in the event of a fire naturally makes people quite anxious.
After the incident, the company sold off several announced and withdrew from the world market of 5 million.

The loss of 500 billion South Korean mobile phone maker company.
United Aviation Authority after the phone caught fire and set several airline companies in this model of the plane was banned. However, some buyers are still using it.