UAE devastating fire again


International desk : United Arab Emirates, Al buhaira sarajahara brazen fire has spread to a residential area again.
Sharjah Civil Defence authorities, buhaira at 6 pm on Saturday afternoon in a residential area of ​​the outbreak of the fire has been brought under control.
According to the report, 1-storey residential building in the area of ​​Sharjah Civil Defence authorities said the fire was on the third floor. Fire service personnel arrived at the scene in front of the station building and muoyailiha empty extinguishing the fire.
Director General of Sharjah Civil Defence, Colonel Khamis Al nakabi the fire in the apartment has been completely damaged. However, there were no casualties in the incident.
He was unable to find out the cause of the fire because of the Sharjah Police forensic experts have launched an investigation.

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