Trump usupporters, like roommates

 Dhaka office:  The Georgetown University in a student at United States for talks with roommate came for advertising.

She has several scenarios for interest to be roommates, the US president is Donald Trump.

The  newspaper student ads on the key Shahar applied for roommates. She said, Triumph fans do not need to apply. Collection( The New York Times reported)

Kiyanera conditions such as drug addiction, pets and meat vendors will not be able to be roommates, so the person who would support President Donald trampake are not eligible to apply.

  US president Donald Trump January last year after taking office as first 3-year-old newspaper kiyanai a group of supporters of the “No” the ad said.

 Teacher named Jessica kiyanake support, “said Trump, which is ideal as a leader, I would not be able to live with him in a room.”

Middle East and African studies, as well as key NGOs working in education, ayamideste ‘worked.

 Iranian-American woman sharing her room for the building of the $ 300 payment sirsatalara said. His parents, who lived on the ground floor of the house, he added.

Washington, DC, who worked as a probationary, this room is shared by more than one person lives. The moderate monthly rent for a room in one of the 990 thousand dollars. Donald Trump, but after the conquest of political chaos, the rental rate is increasing.

Since then, Twitter, redita, kregalista and Facebook sharing a room to live in rental housing has increased advertising.

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