Unilateral committee of JUPC announced, adviser resigns

JU CORRESPONDENT : A unilateral executive body for 2017-18 session of Jahangirnagar University Press Club (JUPC) was announced on Wednesday night making Tanzid Basunia of Kaler kantha and Abdullah Shouvo of thereports24.com as president and general secretary respectively.

The Election Commissioner, Associate professor of Bangla department Dr. Rezaul Islam declared this committee on Wednesday evening.

Designating this committee invalid, the post deprived portion of this organisation announced the cancellation of the unilateral election and alleged that, there were a lot of inconsistencies over there and election commission did not follow the constitution.

They also have given an ultimatum of 48 hours to take initiative for organising a fair election with the participation of all members.

Meanwhile, in the ongoing conflict between two portions of JUPC, the adviser of this organisation Associate professor of Journalism and Media Studies department Adnan Fahad has resigned from his post.

When contacted, he affirmed alltimenews and told, ‘I submitted a resign letter to JU VC Dr. Farzana Islam showing inevitable cause’.

Raising these inconsistencies, the post deprived portion organised a press conference at the common room of JU Teacher-Student Center yesterday (Thursday) afternoon.

The leader of post deprived portion Dipankar Das, JU correspondent of Daily Janakantha said, ‘There were a lot of inconsistencies appeared in this election. Generally, if the terms of a committee becomes over, the advisor of the organisation will be obliged organise election. As an invalid committee has formed, the adviser had no concern over it’.

Joint secretary of previous committee Junaid Ahmed, executive member Mohammed Musa, Abu Sayem were presented at the press meet among others.

Earlier, the election was scheduled on April 20 while associate professor of JU Archeology department Shikder Mohammed Zulkarnine was made as chief election commissioner.

On April 18, the two day ago from the Election Day, Executive member of the former committee Md. Musa, JU Correspondent of Daily Kalbela found inconsistency on voter list and informed the chief election commissioner to investigate this matter.

In the voter list, a total of 42 members were permitted to cast vote, while 16 of them did not full fill the minimum requirements to become voter.

Being concerned about these inconsistencies, the election commissioner Dr. Shikder Mohammed Zulkernine refused to handle this election.

Later, the President Riju Mollah and Secretary Tanzid Basunia made Dr. Rezaul Islam made Associate Professor of Bangla department Dr. Rezaul Islam as Chief Election Commissioner to handle this election not informing the previous EC Dr. Zulkarnine.

After being informed about the inconsistencies on voter list, he also refused to conduct the election.

Later, the main patron of this organisation JU Vice Chancellor Dr. Farzana Islam suspended this election temporarily and asked Dr. Rezaul Islam to conduct a fair election with the participation of all portions.

On April 23, this portion of this organisation led by JU correspondent of Daily Janakantha Dipanker Das submitted a memorandum demanding for a fair election.

Later, on May 3, chief election commissioner Dr. Rezaul Islam, Dr. Shikder Md. Zulkernine and lecturer of Law and Justice Ferdous Rahman announced JUPC committee for 2016-17 excluding another portion.

It was impossible to reach the election commissioner Dr. Rezaul Islam with phone call by several attempts.

When contacted the member of election commission Dr. Shikder Md. Zulkernine said, ‘There were no opponent candidate in each posts. So, according to the constitution, we declared the committee’.

When asked about inconsistencies on voter list, he said, ‘The previous executive committee formulated a voter list and unanimously approved it. So, there should not inconsistence over the voter list’.

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