AL behind implemented disappearances of BNP men, Khaleda alleges once more

Khaleda Zia has once more blasted the ruling Awami League for the alleged implemented disappearances of many BNP leaders and activists in recent years.

She alleged on weekday that the ruling party ‘executed the implemented disappearances’ of her party’s men with the aim to bear on its hold on power.
“They (government) thought these smart men ought to be taken intent on weaken and close up the BNP. however nothing can happen to the BNP however they’ll continue these activities whereas remaining in power.
“They (Awami League) did this before, however not at this scale. What they did when returning to power is inexpressible and inconceivable,” same the BNP chairwoman.
She was speaking at associate Iftar gathering with the families of the missing leaders and activists at shore building in Dhaka’s Gulshan.
Khaleda same she hoped the missing BNP leaders and activists are going to be copied down once the Awami League leaves power.
“We hope that they’re still alive and can come back someday. Salauddin Quader Chowdhury’s son was moved out too, and he was left close to his home months later.”
The former prime minister same, “I hope {we can|we’ll|we square measure going to} notice them and that they will come back to their families when the oppressors are removed (from power). we tend to still hope thus.”

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