New token sale for blockchain-based currency EOS to launch on Monday can launch the sale of a brand new blockchain-based digital currency or token known as Greek deity on Monday, the school company same on weekday.
The sale is that the latest capital-raising exercise by a technology startup making its own digital currency and mercantilism tokens to the general public, a follow that has no restrictive oversight.

It will be one amongst the foremost thirstily expected token sales in recent months, analysts same.
Blockchain, a distributed ledger that came to prominence because the underlying technology behind digital currency bitcoin, is gaining quality for its potential to trace assets across all industries.
U.S. startup Civic sold-out $33 million in digital currency tokens for its biometric authentication project in a very public sale, Alltimenews reportable on weekday. calls the sale of Greek deity a “token distribution.” the corporate needs Greek deity to be utilized by giant businesses, enabling firms to change processes, monitor assets, and build multiple applications.
Brock Pierce, co-founder of, told Alltimenews that Greek deity aims to be the muse for business applications within the blockchain world.
The token sale can happen over a annual amount on ethereum, another blockchain-based currency, and a few one billion tokens would be sold-out over 341 days beginning on June twenty six, Pierce same.
According to’s distribution schedule, twenty p.c of the Greek deity tokens are sold-out throughout the primary 5 days of the book gap, whereas seventy p.c can split equally into 350 consecutive 23-hour periods of two million Greek deity tokens every, beginning on Dominion Day. The remaining ten p.c are reserved for and can’t be listed or transferred on the ethereum network.
EOS are priced supported market demand, same Brendan Blumer, chief government of in a very statement.
The last blockchain platform token that went on sale was Qtum in March, that raised $15.6 million.
Blockchain Capital’s Pierce same Greek deity may raise quite the $150 million raised by Bancor a couple of weeks past. Bancor to this point has raised the biggest quantity of capital in a very token sale.
Bancor permits the creation of alleged “smart tokens,” which might hold one or additional tokens or digital currencies in reserve.
“The goal of the Greek deity token sale is to form it actually democratized and supply equal access to everybody,” same Pierce.

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