Trains leave national capital on time amid Eid rush

The train communication from national capital has featured hardly any hitch to this point amid an enormous rush of the Eid home-goers within the morning.
Twenty-two trains left the Kamlapur terminus until 12:00pm these days, Station Manager Shitangshu Chakrabarty told Alltimenews.
“Only citrus tree specific delayed for nearly 2 hours because of a technical flaw,” he said.
The rail station witnessed an enormous rush of the holidaymakers until this noontide, reports our correspondent from the spot.

Many of the passengers ride on the roof topnotch of the trains amid Eid rush on June 23, 2017. Photo: Star/ Tuhin Shubhra Adhikary
“Even, several of the passengers rode on the roof topnotch of the train ignoring the protection,” Ear Hossain, Ansar commander of the terminus, said.
The rush, however, was seen to be minimised at noontide, he added. “It’s possible to continue later within the day.”

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