Eid trips filled with fear

A signification of disquiet has engrossed commuters development to take a trip national this Eid.


The contemptible dilemma of the roads and highways is alarming. Of six key highways, four are irregularly overflowing with ruts and potholes.


The roads in countless districts are cracked by the floods. momentary repairs are only human being washed absent by the rains. And these six highways are coupled with entirely 64 districts of the country.


Given the circumstances, here is on offer to be big anguish on the roads with sacrificial animals personality transported to Dhaka and passengers travelling home.


According to the desk for street delight and highways, if the rains continue, transform may be challenging this Eid.


An formal of the roads and highways department, on form of anonymity, said, it is not a issue of how numerous kilometres of the roads and highways are in disrepair. honest a one kilometre stretch of abysmal highway tin fetch a highway to a standstill.

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