Google down: YouTube, Gmail and Drive now not working amid entire international meltdown

Owm Reporter: Technology Desk, Apon Chowdhuri, says it has now resolved the troubles affecting Google Suite and there are statements available at the G Suite Status Dashboard – just pick the orange dot for each of the various products.

Google and several of its biggest offerings appear to have long gone down.

Gmail, YouTube, Drive, Google Maps and search aren’t working in a number of countries everywhere in the international.

According to DownDetector, a few of the issues with Google’s services started out at around 4pm BST.

At the time of writing, the principle Google web site is experiencing extreme problems in elements of the UK, France, North America and Japan.

The outage map appears very similar for Gmail and Google Drive, the agency’s productivity suite, which tens of millions of human beings use for getting work finished.

Drive is telling affected users that they’re offline and refusing to supply get entry to to documents, at the same time as Gmail is stopping humans from sending messages.


The computer model of YouTube is likewise damaged round the arena, but some customers say they can still access it on cellular.

Outage Report, meanwhile, describes Google and Google Drive’s problems as “intense”, Maps and YouTube’s as “high” and Gmail’s as “medium”.

We’ve contacted Google and will update this tale if the enterprise responds.


Technology Desk:

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