Syria authorities forces near in on IS border town

Owm Reporter: Staff Reporter, International Desk: apon Chowdhuri, pro-government forces subsidized through Russian airpower are advancing unexpectedly toward a border town nevertheless held with the aid of the Islamic State (IS) institution.

A day after taking complete control of the city of Deir al-Zour, the Syrian army is mounting an offensive to recapture the metropolis of Albu Kamal.


Reports recommend IS opponents fled there from the Iraqi side of the border.


An Iraqi Shia Muslim defense force has said it’ll cross into Syria to sign up for the attack on Albu Kamal.


It is an indication of ways dramatically IS territory has shriveled within the past few weeks that this metropolis at the border with Iraq seems to be one of the jihadists’ remaining redoubts, owm Sebastian Usher reports.


It is uncertain how lots co-ordination there can be between Iraqi and Syrian pro-authorities forces but the goal seems to be to deny IS warring parties – and presumably their surviving commanders – the chance of escaping into the far off wilderness wastes as their self-declared caliphate crumbles into dirt, our Arab affairs editor adds.


Russia, after Iran, is the alternative superb winner from the Syrian warfare, reviving its role inside the location, securing critical military bases, and making itself a key diplomatic player.


It desires to “remedy” Syria on its phrases and with its favoured actors finishing up the victors and it appears to be nicely at the manner to reaching this purpose.


But the developing proximity of Russian and Iranian-subsidized seasoned-regime forces and those sponsored through the US increases the opportunity of a few dangerous encounters. The US and Russia can agree at the need to defeat IS however on little else. Moscow’s “facet” has the army and diplomatic advantage at the floor.


Will the US are trying to find to reinforce its position in Syria, perhaps as a part of a broader policy to “roll returned” Iranian have an effect on, as US conservatives are hoping?


This may be simpler stated than accomplished and may require many greater assets and boots on the floor than the Trump management is ready to put in damage’s way.


The equal day, the Syrian authorities said it had retaken Deir al-Zour, capital of the location of the same name in which Albu Kamal is placed.


Russia launched video of bombers in motion and missiles being released from a submarine in strikes concentrated on the Albu Kamal location.


Russia released video of bombers in action and missiles being released from a submarine in strikes concentrated on the Albu Kamal vicinity.


A spokesman for the Kataib Hezbollah militia, an Iranian-sponsored Iraqi institution fighting along the Iraqi army against IS, informed Lebanese TV the organization would join the combat for the metropolis across the border.

“Albu Kamal is in missile range of the Iraqi forces in al-Qaim,” Jaafar Hussaini changed into quoted as pronouncing through Reuters information agency.

“The presence of our forces at the border with Albu Kamal manner there might be a new the front inside the disagreement with Daesh [another name for IS].”

IS, a Sunni Muslim jihadist institution, overran swathes of Iraqi and Syrian territory in 2014 and enforced its rule through ruthless suppression of its enemies, incomes worldwide condemnation for its cruelty.

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