Ducsu VP-choose Nur requests re-appointment to all posts

Shovon grasped Nur in the midst of the nearness of pioneers and activists of other understudy associations, while Nur said they upheld off from their choice of boycotting classes.

“Yet, we will proceed with our interest for re-appointment. We will cooperate tolerating the decision of understudies to secure their interests,” he included.

Later in a concise location, Shovon stated: “Win and misfortune is normal in decision. Since Nur was chosen as the delegate of understudies, we will work with him. I will encourage my colleagues not to make any disorder.”

“Nur will satisfy the wants of us all. That is the reason all should assume a dependable job in keeping up the scholarly air of our darling college,” he included.

The long past due decisions to Ducsu and its lobby associations were hung on Monday.

Nur was chosen VP of Ducsu while Chhatra League General Secretary Golam Rabbani was chosen general secretary. Eight among nine secretary presents likewise went on the competitors from Chhatra League board.

As the outcomes began coming in, all challenging boards aside from Chhatra League, dismissed the race results charging anomalies and requested re-appointment to every one of the posts with the exception of the VP and social welfare secretary posts, and declared to blacklist classes for an uncertain period from Tuesday.

In the mean time, Chhatra League competitors were chosen VP at 12 out of 18 corridors in Monday’s lobby association surveys.

Then again, free hopefuls verified six VP posts and four GS posts in six corridors.

The decision party understudy wing’s boards likewise took the GS posts in 14 corridors.

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