DUCSU authority: Truth that preferences impactful

Mahbubar Rahman

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen once said that Bengalis are contentious country Argumentative component mixed with components of chattiness by and large profoundly instilled in Bengali mind.

We want to brag and talk tall in contrasting ourselves and somebody or some establishment which are miles in front of us as far as stature or status being estimated by the measuring stick of world positioning. Confidence is a solid sign in deed as long as it stays inside the overlap of questionable breaking point, yet it’s over-boarding prompting Megalomania isn’t alluring at all in individual or aggregate viewpoint. In addition, hurling a hick-up of lack of concern for nearly nothing or a few accomplishments in the overlay of qualifications is likewise a long way from being a solid sign both in individual or aggregate viewpoint.

Without thinking a lot about or knowing not in the least, on some event about the Oxford University, we regularly love to name our Dhaka University as the ‘Oxford of the East.’ We only sometimes dive into the length and broadness of the issue while we make such correlation in commending our college. Be that as it may, such nearsighted correlation might be seen as an excessive amount of affection and hero worship for our very own Alma matter.

Having built up in 1096 A.D, Oxford University is the most established college in the English-talking world and the world’s second-most seasoned college in consistent activity after Quraouiyine University in Fez, Morocco which was set up in 859 A.D by Fatima al-Fihri.

Oxford University has a past filled with powerful one thousand or more years, yet all things considered Dhaka University has likewise a radiant history of one hundred years. There is no denying a reality that with the range of last one hundred years, Dhaka University delivered numerous splendid graduated class who have without a doubt celebrated our national history and contributed tremendously in scholarly fields. Additionally, the pretended by the understudies of Dhaka University in 1960s period in various political developments leading Independence of Bangladesh through War of Liberation is exemplary.

Seeking after examinations with genuine note was the essential destinations of the understudies in those brilliant periods albeit rising circumstance constrained understudies to participate in political developments. On the off chance that we concur or not, in post freedom Bangladesh, standard of training in all dimensions including college has been radically crumbled and, to absolute laments, a similar procedure has been as yet proceeding a direct result of numerous elements in charge of it.

The college understudies have lamentably been given to comprehend that it isn’t instruction yet pressing together governmental issues which matter much in finding a brilliant stepping stool for achievement throughout everyday life. Understudies’ contribution in political exercises for profitable reason or going about as basic oil in the hands of political narrow minded people can’t make a genuine initiative. In post freedom Bangladesh, we have seen understudies partaking in political developments, for the most part for not any worthwhile motivation of national issues but rather to profit the political extremists directing them from behind the scene with ulterior thought processes.

In Anti Quota Movement a year ago we perceived how understudies went wild and vandalized VC’s living arrangement with the intention of slaughtering him for the motivation to which VC was not part of, in any capacity. The country saw with stun and stunningness how an unsettling understudy amid Anti Quota Movement draped an abominable trim in his neck perusing Aaami Razakar (I am Razakar) to belittle and affront the opportunity warrior and their offspring in the dirt of autonomous Bangladesh rose out of preeminent penance of opportunity contenders under the charming administration of Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman.

I am not mindful if any parallel to such sort of vandalism and loathsome showcase of sickening mentality at any point occurred in any college grounds in the cultivated world. It isn’t strange to make reference to, now, with extraordinary worry that a few portions of educators are profoundly associated with governmental issues under the shade of White, Blue, yellow and so forth having union with ideological groups, Their such inclusion in legislative issues clearly decrease their advantage and capacity to contribute in the scholastic field. I wonder if any such dynamic contribution of instructors in countries under various shades and hues exist anyplace in world’s driving colleges.

Understudies’ associations or gatherings exist in the worldwide colleges of notoriety and notoriety. There, the associations or gatherings just care for the welfare of general understudies. Terribly including with standard political exercises or interfering in the exercises of government or any affection along these lines or other with productive reason for existing isn’t some tea for understudies’ association or gathering in the main worldwide colleges. That is the manner by which understudies get enough time to focus on their investigations and become advantages for their separate nations before they get into useful life and add to any field of their decision including governmental issues of the nation by up-keeping humanized standards and measures.

Dhaka University is one of the best and prized foundations of Bangladesh. DUCSU is a pride name which helps us to remember its verifiable job in molding Bangladesh But we need to similarly recall that DUCSU isn’t the main discussion from which initiative of the nation develops. In pre-freedom Bangladesh there were just bunches couple of state funded colleges in the nation. At the progression of time, in most recent 47 years, there are presently in excess of 100 both open and private colleges in the nation which contribute extraordinarily in making future pioneers for the nation.

We need to similarly recall that colleges are by all account not the only gatherings in the nation which make political pioneers to assume control of the nation for good administration. Political initiative similarly develops from grassroots dimension of men with inherent bent normally ingrained in them through gaining political intelligence over the ages. There are numerous occasions of extraordinary political pioneers over the world that have never been to the colleges throughout their life time and still wound up notable figures in the nation’s political administration.

I have as of late seen with worry that some TV syndicated program aficionados egotistically property DUCSU as the main discussion of future political authority. It is unnecessary to underscore that DUCSU is one of a few other understudies’ discussions of other open and private colleges which make future political pioneers. Some television show aficionados, further, go to the degree of assigning DUCSU as the second parliament of the nation. Parliament is the holy spot of our national pride which plans law, pass charges identifying with vital national issues. Parliament is one and just and there can be no parallel to it in the utilitarian majority rules system.

Be that as it may, by up and coming its great heritage of the past, DUCSU alongside other understudies’ gathering in the nation can assume a constructive job in molding a prosperous Bangladesh remembering the soul of Liberation War in the modify of which 3 million individuals set out their lives in 1971.

Long 29 years after as of late held decision, DUCSU initiative should think striving to join understudies, make sound condition and world class scholarly parlor in the grounds in the wake of recapturing its past inheritance. They ought not make any more disarray in the grounds by boycotting classes and arranging road tumult for DUCSU re-appointment as it is approaching. That’s the last straw. The country can’t bear to perceive any further disorder in the college grounds which overwhelms different zones rapidly making open life hopeless and breaks nation’s serene adventure towards accomplishing its objective of success.

We need to remember that world class colleges over the world are miles in front of our colleges as far as scholarly influence, examine, development, revelation, initiative and so on. So as to make our instruction perfect to world class training, we have no other option however to dedicate and coordinate every one of our endeavors and assets ensuring significant instruction saleable in the focused world market. Leaving just with hurling hiccup of carelessness and talking tall of our past inheritances without giving any important endeavors won’t convey substantial answer for the issues and weaknesses that we have been always going up against with, in the circle of our training.

Before closing I offer my hottest felicitations to DUCSU and wish them accomplishment in keeping up harmony and amicability in the Campus in the coming days.

The author is a previous government employee

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