Calls for equity at Pahela Baishakh occasion in the midst of fierceness over Nusrat demise

Coordinators of Chhayanaut’s Pahela Baishakh festivities and guests have watched snapshots of quietness requiring a conclusion to foul play as Bangladesh is praising the Bengali New Year.

Chhayanaut President Sanjida Khatun has quickly referenced the passing of madrasa understudy Nusrat Jahan Rafi, a case that started open outrage in the run-up to the Pahela Baishakh festivities.

Nusrat, 18, was assaulted in Feni in retaliation against inappropriate behavior charges against the religious school’s chief.

“Families are not shielded from torment because of the narrow minded individuals’ barbaric individual fulfillment. No one — from kids to the general public’s youngsters — is secured,” Sanjida Khatun said.

She asked individuals from all strata of society to confront treachery. “We ought not be quiet observers of abuse and shamelessness.”

“We ought to stay unfaltering on our goals to discover solutions for treachery in the New Year. Give us a chance to celebrate such messages.”

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