‘I didn’t dedicate any corruption’,

‘I didn’t dedicate any corruption’, On the eve of the decision inside the Zia Orphanage Trust graft case, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia the day gone by maintained that she turned into not involved in any type of corruption. If justice become certainly performed inside the “fake and fabricated” case, she could be acquitted of all costs, she said expressing her doubt as to whether or not any courtroom might have the courage to ensure justice towards “the desire of the rulers”. “Your (human beings’s) Khaleda Zia did not do any incorrect. I did now not commit any corruption… I will face not anything (no punishment) if justice is done inside the false case. Insha Allah (Allah inclined), I will be acquitted,” she stated with a bit of luck at a massive press conference arranged at her Gulshan political workplace on the eve of the verdict. Khaleda additionally said if the decision is written to thrill the ruling party, it would be a disgrace. “The human beings of Bangladesh do not, and could not, forgive the offenders,” she asserted.

The former ultimate accused the authorities of hatching a plan to preserve her away from the election and the humans.

Khaleda stated she is prepared to stand any scenario, but might no longer bow all the way down to everyone or back off from the demand of establishing the rights of human beings and democracy.

“I am geared up for any scenario. No one will advantage by using intimidating me with a jail sentence. I will not bow right down to everyone. I will now not cross returned from the call for of organising the rights of the people and democracy,” she brought. She claimed that she become by no means and in no manner worried with the Zia Orphanage Trust and alleged that she has been implicated within the case with cast files. No cash of the agree with has been spent; all the money is within the bank account and the amount has risen to thrice the original amount with the interest, she claimed. She stated if there’s minimum rule of law and independence of the judiciary inside the usa, a case must be filed towards folks who filed the “false case” and the masterminds need to be punished. The BNP leader alleged that the court docket is being used to keep her faraway from the political area, the election, and the human beings. “But I assume it’d now not fulfil their (Awami League’s) intention of implementing a one-party rule and scoring an empty-net intention,” she introduced. Referring to losing her family, along with her younger son Arafat Rahman Koko, the previous most reliable said the countrymen are her loved ones. “The countrymen are my family. Allah is my best wish,” she added. Khaleda called upon the countrymen to unite and perform a non violent and democratic motion for the restoration of democracy and those’s rights and to preserve a honest election. “If there may be a pass to isolate me from you (people), agree with me, I am with you. You will unite and perform a non violent and democratic motion for the sake of democracy, to set up rights, a truthful election, and a human beings’s authorities,” she stated.She also referred to as upon students and not unusual human beings to return forward, along with every political  party, which include the 20-Party Alliance, and people from every profession to forge extra countrywide harmony for the recuperation of democracy and to guard the u . S . A .’s independence and sovereignty. The BNP chief additionally sounded a note of warning, announcing that there might be many traps and conspiracies. She called upon every person to be alert and work cautiously.

She hoped that right feel might be triumphant some of the leadership of the ruling Awami League. She reminded absolutely everyone that the us of a turned into for all and now not for any man or woman birthday party. “We do no longer need any violence, warfare, or anarchy. We need peace, and a honest election,” she stated. The BNP chief referred to as upon the authorities to shun the course of threats and repression and hold a truthful election following the course of peace and talks. “Election is not about evicting someone from strength or sending a person to energy. It is meant to run the kingdom with the people’s representatives with their consensus,” she stated. In her 35-munite speech, Khaleda criticised the authorities for its “misdeeds”, announcing that it has been practising corruption in the name of development projects. She additionally said that had there been a honest election in 2014, the BNP would have participated in it and been jogging the united states of america now. Khaleda alleged that the authorities desires to maintain any other farcical election to stay in power.

Referring to the steady refrain from the ruling celebration that she might be landed in prison, Khaleda expressed her doubt as to whether any courtroom would have the courage to make sure justice in opposition to “the need of the rulers”. She accused the ruling birthday party of unleashing a reign of terror across the u . S . A . In advance of the verdict. Khaleda alleged that the ruling birthday party is more worried approximately the decision. The authorities has snatched the proper of motion of the people through administrative directives, she said. BNP secretary preferred Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, status committee participants Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Moudud Ahmed, Jamirudidn Sircar, Mirza Abbas, Lt Gen.