“The effective tale of the movie will appeal to viewers”

Entertainment Desk, Staff Reporter, Apon Chowdhury, Dhaka Office: Alltimenews.com:- “The effective tale of the movie will appeal to viewers” DhakaLive’s Nazir Hossain famous greater approximately the movie and associated topics in an exclusive interview with Rituparna. Excerpts follow:

Why have to the visitors watch ‘Ekti Cinemar Gaulpo’?

The movie is based on a lovely tale, which I observed very touching as well.

I suppose the powerful tale of the movie will attract the visitors. So I request the viewers to come back to the cinema halls to observe the film made with a awesome tale. I can say ‘Ekti Cinemar Gaulpo’ is an notable film.
What is your expectation of the movie?

I’m very excited with the film due to the fact a movie of mine goes to be launched in Bangladesh after a long time. I agree with ‘Ekti Cinemar Gaulpo’ might be a tremendous-hit like my previous fantastic-hit films including ‘Ranga Bou’, ‘Sagorika’, Ami Sei Meye’ and ‘Swami Keno Asami’. In fact, I need to peer the fulfillment of ‘Ekti Cinemar Gaulpo’ surpass the recognition of all my previous hit movies in Bangladesh.

Tell us about your experience of working with director Alamgir?

It’s useless to mention that he’s a superb actor in addition to a brilliant man or women with a good coronary heart. I actually have acted under his route for the primary time, and he took exact care of me. I didn’t have any issues in the course of the shooting of the movie, as his unit turned into actually organised. I’m surely enthralled by way of his amazing path and I observed that he is a exquisite director.

Who are the distinguished actors from Bangladesh you shared screen most?
I actually have many movies with actor Ferdous, who’s also a completely near pal of mine. He is equally famous in each the international locations. I additionally worked with overdue actor Manna and we have been circle of relatives friends for a long term. He changed into a completely high quality guy with a preventing spirit. I also have fond memories with Nayak Raj Razzak, Dildar, Humayun Faridi and Parveen Sultana Diti.

Over the years, you have end up an idol or icon to many. Do you experience it and do you experience any stress of being an instance to others?
I constantly feel blessed to be an idol or icon. I assume I am the lucky person who obtained the direct blessing from god. It’s a be counted of pride for me that I may want to set an example for others. I experience high-quality to research that if every person says that I ought to make a contribution even a touch to society with my work. Yes, I experience strain. Unless you experience any pressure for your shoulder, you could’t deliver your excellent.

Whom would you call your idea?
I don’t virtually observe each person and I don’t want to be like all people. But I take proposal from the existence and career of many. For example, I locate the famous Hollywood actress Meryl Streep is a totally inspirational parent to me. She is a very favored artiste of mine. I continually wonder how fantastically she built her eventful career step by step. Even at this aged age, she is unstoppable.


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