Apurba, Mithila in Eid drama serial ‘The Destination Wedding’

Entertainment Desk, Staff Reporter, S Apon Chowdhury, Dhaka Office: Alltimenews.com:- Apurba, Mithila in Eid drama serial ‘The Destination Wedding’ Audience-prominent artiste duo Ziaul Faruq Apurba and Rafiath Rashid Mithila could be seen collectively in upcoming Eid drama serial ‘The Destination Wedding’ directed by way of Wasim Setar.

DhakaLive has news that the six-episode drama serial could be telecast on SATV regular at 10:30pm beginning from the Eid day.

In ‘The Destination Wedding’, Apurba might be visible playing the individual of Ayan at the same time as Mithila can be visible portraying the man or woman of Sumaiya. Other casts include Tausif Mahbub who will play Jhony’s individual and Samjida Tanmoy in Maysha’s individual.

The tale of the drama serial revolves around Ayan and Sumaiya’s arrange marriage, taking area in a highly-priced resort out of doors of metropolis.

In the wedding, Ayan’s friend Jhony arrives and informs Ayan that he (Jhony) has invited Ayan’s ex-female friend Maysha from USA to the wedding. Ayan receives livid listening to the news as he did not need Maysha to come to his wedding. However, Maysha arrives the following day.
Ayan and Jhony, each get scared seeing Maysha as they realize Maysha is a hot-headed girl and does matters with out considering its outcome. However, Maysha befriends Sumaiya and both the families.

When Ayan asks why Maysha came to his wedding, Maysha discloses that she is here to interrupt up the wedding and take Ayan to USA. Both going through a challenging state of affairs, the tale movements ahead with numerous incidents.


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