Purnima all over again in Ferdous’s tale

Entertainment Desk, Staff Reporter, S Apon Chowdhury, Dhaka Office: Alltimenews.com:- Purnima all over again in Ferdous’s tale, After a hiatus of two years, National Film Award winning actress Dilara Hanif Purnima is about to appear another time in a tele-drama primarily based on a tale written through National Film Award winning actor Ferdous Ahmed. This time round, Purnima is acting in the tele-drama titled ‘Queen’ that’s the sequel of tele-drama ‘Mannequin’ aired two years ago.

The tele-drama ‘Queen’ is being produced for the imminent Eid-ul-Fitr under the banner of Ferdous’s production residence Nuzhat Films.

DhakaLive has news that the capturing of the tele-drama ‘Queen’ is currently underway at a capturing house inside the capital’s Uttara.
Just like the previous time, actor Shajal Noor may even portray in the tele-drama opposite Purnima.

About the tale, Ferdous said, “In the preceding tele-drama, the hero used to dream that a mannequin involves his lifestyles just to meet him. However, within the tale of ‘Queen’, the hero will genuinely meet the man or woman in actual lifestyles, whom the mannequin’s structure is based on. After that, the tale will pass forward.”

“First of all, Purnima is a notable artiste and secondly, she is one in all my appropriate buddies. She is a present day actress who in no way lags at the back of in trends and still plays with a fresh angle whenever. Her apparel selection always amazes me. Also, we apprehend each other’s paintings and due to this, the production of ‘Queen’ is taking vicinity. I am hopeful about the venture’s success”, he added.

Purnima stated, “I have worked in Ferdous’s story earlier. He is one of my properly pals and amongst his significant workload, he located the time to jot down this story for the tele-drama. Because of this, I am working on this tele-drama.”

“Also, the earlier tele-drama became a big success. So, I am hopeful that the production of the tele-drama will be suitable one as nicely”, she brought in addition.

Ferdous knowledgeable that the tele-drama ‘Queen’ can be aired on Banglavision all through the imminent Eid-ul-Fitr.


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