Traffic rule violation will become normal phenomenon in Dhaka

Technology Desk, Abu Talha Rasel, Staff Reporter, Dhaka Office: Traffic rule violation will become normal phenomenon in Dhaka. Violation of the traffic rule has become a regular phenomenon inside the capital as drivers of various modes of automobiles are frequently doing the misdeed in spite of dealing with over 2000 cases on a mean according to day, reviews BSS. Although Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) is on hot pursuit to take legal movement against the site visitors rule violators, using on wrong-facet, the use of hydraulic horn and tinted glass in automobiles in addition to plying unfit vehicles, talking over cellular telephone while riding are occurring full swing.

They even positioned their lives, pedestrians and others at chance due to reckless using.

In accordance with available information of the ultimate numerous months of the DMP, on an average over 2000 instances file an afternoon towards distinctive modes of vehicles for traffic rule violations. It also realises on a median Taka 17 lakh as pleasant for traffic rule violations.
Of the cases, on an average 700 are being filed in opposition to motorcyclists an afternoon for violating of the visitors guidelines. While 40 to 50 motorbikes are being seized normal for the equal reason.

Experts say the unruly motorcyclists reason accidents, violate site visitors rules or even create nuisance to pedestrians via driving bikes on footpaths and wrong-manner because of lack of proper enforcement of site visitors guidelines and in absence of sturdy tracking.

Many of the owners even do not check in their motorcycles with Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) and often use their motorbikes in committing crimes, they said.

The common seizure of these motors has induced another problem because the yards police stations are being desirous about bikes, he said.

Wrong-manner using goes on in complete-swing in the capital despite the DMP files over 2 hundred instances on a mean an afternoon.

The DMP files over 60 instances on a median per day in the capital for speaking over cellular cellphone while using.

On a median of the overall instances, as many as forty four cases are being filed for the use of hydraulic horn, seven for using hotter and beckon light and 9 others for the usage of tinted glass.

The DMP on a median files over 50 cases are being lodged an afternoon on costs of speaking over cell phone whilst they had been riding.

It also on a median dumps over 60 motors and wrecks over six hundred others for site visitors rule violations.

Likewise the previous days, site visitors division of the DMP in their

simultaneous drives on the town streets on Sunday filed 2274 instances towards unique modes of cars for traffic rule violation.

It additionally found out Taka 22.40 lakh as quality from owners, stated an legitimate release.

Of the overall cases, 191 cases were lodged for driving on wrong facets, forty four for the usage of hydraulic horn, 4 for the usage of hotter and beckon light and 5 others for using tinted glass.

Some 50 cases, which include 36 video cases, were registered against drivers of different modes of automobiles on costs of speaking over cellular telephone while they had been riding.

It additionally dumped 32 cars and wrecked 597 others.

Besides, 638 cases were filed towards motorcycles and sixty eight motorbikes have been seized for the visitors.