Many satisfied returns to Nadia

Life Style Desk, Panna Islam Pappu, Dhaka Office: Today is the birthday of lustrous version and actress Sallha Khanam Nadia. She is ready to study this unique day of her existence along with her family. Nadia is passing a few busy schedules starring in tele-dramas, TVCs (Television classified ads) and track motion pictures. However, the actress informs DhakaLive that she wants to step into the silver-screen as nicely. Nadia is selective concerning participation on the huge screen and does not opt for the usual plots. She plans to perform in a few unique tales that attract audiences rather than the regular movie plots.
Nadia said, “I need to superstar in a movie that has an excellent tale, a terrific maker and certainly, suits me. The film must be an instance for the destiny. I do no longer need to behave in a film only for the sake of starring in a movie.”

The actress has already received gives to work in numerous movies. However, she did no longer locate interest concerning the plots of these films. As a result, she can now not be visible starring in those movies.

The actress is looking forward to the perfect script to make her transition from the small display to the large display screen. Unless she gets one of these script, she can keep in small display screen initiatives.

About her birthday, Nadia stated, “All I want are the advantages from the audiences in order that I may be hale and hearty to perform in appropriate dramas.” Alongside spending time with circle of relatives, Nadia will be taking part in RTV’s programme ‘Tarokalap’ nowadays at 10:40am.


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