Babu still happy with long-awaited achievement

Entertainment Desk, Staff Reporter, S Apon Chowdhury, Dhaka Office: National Film Award prevailing actor Fazlur Rahman Babu, recognised for his excellent performing and making a song, has again gained the prestigious National Film Award for the second one time in his profession. DhakaLive has news that in the ‘National Film Award 2016’, the talented actor has been presented for his great overall performance in the film titled, ‘Meyeti Ekhon Kothay Jabe’, directed via Nader Chowdhury.

However, Fazlur Rahman Babu has told DhakaLive that, despite the fact that he is happy along with his success, he stated that he would were happier if he changed into provided for his position in Tauquir Ahmed’s film ‘Oggatonama’.

Fazlur Rahman Babu stated, “I am going to be presented the National Film Award another time, that is giving me each pride and happiness. However, I might were happier if I changed into offered for my performance in Tauquir Ahmed’s film ‘Oggatonama’.”

“As I have were given a large fantastic reaction from the target audience both within the u . S . And abroad, I was hoping that, this time, I may be awarded for ‘Oggatonama’. But that did now not manifest.”

“Still, I had been decided on for the movie ‘Meyeti Ekhon Kothay Jabe’, for which I am grateful to the organizers and also to my audience,” he brought.

Currently, the actor is busy capturing in Manikganj for a 13-episode drama serial, ‘Roudro Chayar Khela’, directed via Giasuddin Selim.

The actor earlier earned admiration for his performance in the movies ‘Swapnojal’ and ‘Monpura’, directed Giasuddin Selim.

Fazlur Rahman Babu changed into provided his first National Film Award for his performance within the film ‘Shankhonad’, directed by means of Abu Sayeed.


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