Nothing to be panicked over dengue: professionals

Health Desk, Raiful Islam , Dhaka Office: Health experts these days urged the people now not to be panicked over the current dengue outbreak as an alternative put combined attempt to check it inside the city.

“Although the range of people stricken by dengue fever has expanded a bit bit in the metropolis this time as compared to the previous years, the situation is still beneath manipulate and those have to now not be panicked,” Director General of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) Abul Kalam Azad informed BSS.

“So a ways, we received statistics approximately greater than 3000 dengue cases from one-of-a-kind hospitals within the capital wherein eleven human beings died,” Dr Ayesha of Public Health Emergency Operation Centre and Control Room instructed BSS.

Dr Azad stated, “We have taken necessary measures to fight the Aedes mosquitoes.”

Emphasising on keeping the homesteads and adjacent areas smooth and dry he said, such mosquitoes breed in stagnant, standing fresh water regularly found across the houses. They breed in cans, buckets, discarded tires and different styles of boxes conserving stagnant water. We ought to keep our area easy of such matters.

Director of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) Prof Dr Meerjady Sabrina Flora stated, they have asked all of the hospitals throughout the us of a to send day by day reports on dengue and make the humans aware about the causes, symptoms and approaches to prevent such sicknesses.

IEDCR, along with illnesses control unit of DGHS, Bureau of Health Education and Health Ministry are looking at the scenario closely and that they have taken one-of-a-kind steps, said the IEDCR boss.

“We have up to date our internet site with the records and educative objects approximately these. People might be able to learn about the remedy procedure of dengue from our website,” she added.

IEDCR additionally requested Dhaka metropolis companies to heighten their mosquito manipulate operation and run recognition campaigns against mosquito to keep smooth the city.

“Although the quantity of humans stricken by dengue fever has expanded a bit bit in the city as compared to the preceding years, the state of affairs remains under manage,” Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Sayeed Khokon informed BSS.

He advised the metropolis dwellers not to be panicked over the recent dengue outbreak as he currently inaugurated a -week crash programme taken to eliminate Aedes mosquito larvae to control dengue outbreak inside the capital.

The crash programme will concurrently continue at fifty seven wards across the town, he stated, adding that the representatives of the city company could pass from residence to house and wreck Aedes mosquito larvae and remedy their breeding grounds.

Khokan said they will also make the metropolis dwellers aware of the risks of Aedes mosquito breeding and its outbreak. He disbursed leaflets amongst shopkeepers and students in the area to create awareness approximately the unfavorable impacts of dengue.


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