Physiotherapists contributes easing patients sufferings

Education Desk, Shiuli Akhter, Dhaka Office: are contributing to reduce the sufferings of the sufferers of diverse chronic illnesses likea arthritis sports injury and bone decaying.

Experts at a discussion here known as for boosting the number of
Physiotherapists in health care services. They said physiotherapy is
critical to the patients tormented by cervical and lumber spondylosis,
disc prolepses, paralysis caused by stroke, facial nerve paralysis and
cerebral palsy.

As the variety of such sufferers is increasing, emphasis ought to be given
to elevate the range physiotherapists to bring all of the patients under want-
based totally care.

Afsar Husain of CRP, Rajshahi organized the discussion at its office
convention corridor the previous day to mark the World Physiotherapy day. “Physical
therapy and intellectual fitness” became the principle topic of the day.

Ward Councilor of Rajshahi City Corporation Md Kamruzzaman Kamru,
retired Professor of Rajshahi College Dr Shamsul Alam and Journalist Mominul
Islam addressed the assembly as visitors of honour.

CRP Centre Manager Suma Begum and its Clinical Physiotherapist Raihan
Habib disseminated their information on the problem.

During her keynote presentation, Saraban Tohura, any other Clinical
Physiotherapist of the centre, highlighted importance of the day. She also
demonstrated the position of bodily therapy and bodily activity which are the
a part of intellectual fitness.

She brought the World Physical Therapy Day is determined on September 8
each 12 months. The day is an possibility for physical therapists from all over
the sector to raise cognizance approximately the essential contribution the career
makes to preserving humans nicely, cellular and independent.

Saraban Tohura stated physiotherapists are working with human beings to
maximize the motion and purposeful capacity.


Education Desk,