Female workers accused of trying to rape again, this time madariganje.


Madariganja: Baghmara madariganja market against a jeweler for allegedly trying to rape a female worker filed a case has been filed. Baigacha elakasa filed the case in a brick kiln worker, a woman, her 35-year-old.
Manda upazila of Naogaon district paruitungi A dead man’s daughter (35) and nearly six months of Bagmara baigacha sujanapalasasa ‘used to work in a brick lebaradera rice cooker.
January 7 at 5 pm in the afternoon of the female workers in a gold shop near the Old Bus Stand madariganja market orders prior to the wreath.
Silver garlands 1 of 6 billion worth of orders paid shop owner came out of Mohammadpur village in Chapra ganipura Union Ershad Ali Goldsmith (45) of the female workers with the temptation of eating biscuits and a house adjacent to the house and tried to rape and forced into the call.
At that time, the woman’s screams, locals rushed Ershad Ali fled yanathanara Charge “Charge” Selim Hossain filed a case accusing the victims of the incident. Has ordered the arrest of the accused. Sub-inspector Shahin Alam tadantakaraaphasara case, the accused are absconding. We are trying to arrest him.

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