February 8, in the next 10 days or a search committee for their recommendation will be forwarded to the President

Dhaka office: Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) at the two political parties from the list of names will be suggested to them, will be taken out from the outside or on the search committee has not yet decided. A member of the committee, according to the Election Commission, CEC padatii most important.
Whom would be appointed to the post of chief election commissioner and his ability, efficiency and impartiality of the political parties, citizens of all walks of life to learn the country will sudhisamajasaha. How did the role of a neutral committee to search it and the name of the position of the CEC may be assessed. Naturally enough searching for the name of the alert in the search committee for the post.
In the last 01 at the CEC, then the search committee did not accept the ruling Awami League’s proposed name.
Chief Election Commissioner, then CEC, the party said at the time. CEC ATM Shamsul Huda, another term was proposed. But the former Cabinet Secretary Ali Imam Majumder of the search committee and former secretary Kazi Rakib Uddin Ahmad’s name. Kazi Rakib Uddin Ahmed appointed by the president.
At that time, the Chief Election Commissioner of Bangladesh Awami League joint general secretary Mahbub Alam Hanif told the media, “the search committee did not accept our proposed five names. “In this regard, a member of the search committee, said the committee is thinking of adopting such a strategy. All parties are equally outlined recommendations to the Committee. The committee did not consider the proposed names for verifying the identity of the group is trying rakharai.
In addition, retired 01 of the Cabinet Resolution of the search committee and the chief secretary to the Cabinet wanted names and detailed information about them.
Retired district judges of the Supreme Court registrar was asked to list the names and information. He is also a list of the types of data collected and the question of whether the members of the search committee, said the committee a list of the types of information.
February 8, in the next 10 days or a presidential search committee will send its recommendations. The presence of the three-member committee will be constituted quorum. Including at least one committee for the appointment of the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners will name two opposite each position.
The other five members of the High Court Shahiuur, Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) Masud Ahmed, Chairman of the Public Service Commission. Mohammad Sadiq, a professor of English at the University of Dhaka and Chittagong University sirina Manjurul Islam Syed Akhtar.
All of the integrity, efficiency, and performance issues are being trimmer. Dignitaries views are being reviewed. From there, the best ones are chosen search kamitiprasangata, the Election Commission (EC) to form from December 18 to January 18 the President. Abdul Hamid at Bangabhaban total of 31 political parties to dialogue.
The first dialogue took part in the first day of the party. January 11 meeting of the Awami League. In one of the five phases of the dialogue. On January 5, a judge of the Appellate Division, headed by the President of the six-member committee to search. Appellate Division Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain, convener of the committee.
Political parties of all the little people who need to know the name of the proposed haccheprasangata their resumes, search committee on Wednesday after a meeting of the Cabinet Division additional secretary Abdul Wadud Bhuiyan told reporters, more data collection and review committee will make the final decision. The Committee hopes that they will take a decision in the 8th. The committee has a list of 0, the more names could be added-Deletion. The next day, he said after Thursday’s meeting, the political parties on Tuesday from 0 to 125 names on the list of the people, the search committee reviewed more

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