The abolition of some telecommunication services and equipment


Telecommunication Desk :Calendar year, with the increase in the value of the house is going to change our lives. The most significant change is coming to the world of technology. Almost disappeared from our lives in the next ten years will be written this year with a few telecommunication services and equipment: –
Once the proud home of the most important sthanataya land would prevail. Mobile phones are increasingly spoiled lyandaphonera bismrtapraya days now. Jhamelai seems rather preposterous to many today to keep the land. Because the land will become extinct within the next decade as experts.
Cable TV:
YouTube video streaming service such as Netflix or cable TV to the world to attract the youth on the decline. If this trend continues, one of the most popular television idiot box is expected to be away from home forever.
Although it is not completely over the next decade will be reduced substantially the amount of handwriting. Starting from the study of the electronic bill of goods being machine. Even without the help of a person signing the pen is being used by the scanning.
Books and Newspapers:
Book online version of the newspaper and reduce the amount of paper used worldwide is increasing. And ten years later, the Internet will become the only way to read books or newspapers. So maybe instead of paper packaging materials to be used.
Or torch lights:
At present, most mobile devices are Flashlight. So after a few days, maybe a lot of battery-powered torch light to see or recognize that pain.
Tape recorder and CD player:
Now, there are many gyajetei inbuilt music player. The age of the customers interested in buying the CD fell. Once you see a little bit of trouble at the tape recorder or CD player paid a dear are now in the corner of the room without proper care. The next ten years later, a new generation of these devices are more likely to see ayantika.
Stores – center:
The popularity of online shopping is increasing day by day. If this trend continues, the number of shops in shopping centers will be reduced. The jam is pushing hard to shop for the rest of the home delivery is done?
Telephone directories:
Home telephone directory and yellow pages thick cover of dust covered now. A few years later, the telephone directory and the object will be lost to the world forever.
Personal Computers:
At present, such as personal computers are profoundly not less than the number of devices capable of doing. The performance of the PC in the future rather than mobile, tablet, most people will use. In addition, as a result of advances in technology, the Bluetooth screen will appear on the market that can be used in various devices.
Several years ago, at the beginning of the year or before any occasion had come to the calendar as a gift to relatives. It also contains a calendar of religious holy places or landscapes, all had their weaknesses. But now there is relatively little interest to no one except the elderly. After a decade of planting culture calendar on the wall, so maybe it will be completely stopped.
Post offices and post boxes:
Post Box is already in the process of being dissolved. Now retired from the service of the citizens into the era of e-mail in remote areas of pensions or savings account common approach is to use the post office. Once the continuation of the modernization of banking and post office also will be used.
Driving: draibhinrata’s surprising, but the number of people in the future will be quite reduced. Tech giant Google has introduced driverless cars is already in the United States. Eventually it will spread throughout the world and the need for driving will not be needing to learn.

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