Take special quality of tomatoes


Dhaka office: Tomatoes are red, blue is the doctor’s face. If you do not need to go to the doctor regularly eat tomatoes. Today’s busy life, the lives of people at any time, fatigue, depression. Eating tomatoes can be released from the depression.
Is known about the quality of tomatoes: Tomatoes are one cup or 189 grams of vitamin C, 38 percent, 30 percent of the vitamin A, vitamin K, 18 percent, 13 percent and 10 percent of potassium manganese. In addition, vitamin E, iron, and fiber Follett. Due to the quality of the tomatoes with this season can eat salad every day. There are some qualities that can prevent aging of the tomato. Disease resistant body makes tomatoes.
A European study of the performance of tomato have been mentioned. The researchers said that there is a great anti-oxidative effects of Tomatoes, cells which do not grow old. Discount variety of tomatoes that may prevent cancer.

1. To deal with exhaustion and cold tomatoes. Tomatoes contain vitamin A as beta-carotene is converted into the body. The body is protected. The virus that causes cold, carotene helps fight against them. Citric and malic acid in the tomatoes are slightly sour taste. The gastric miukosa is protected. Active stomach and leads to metabolic activities.
II. Live to age-related or tomatoes can solve many problems. A component of the color of the tomatoes responsible for the laikopina. Laikopina kind of carotenoids, which are taramuje. This bitakyarotinera doubled as anti-oxidant effects. In addition, vitamin E effective than a hundredfold. Laikopinera can lodge in the body of cancer. Anti-oxidants, beta-carotene and routines of the three types of components due to the bad blood cholesterol is under control.
3. Tomatoes may reduce high blood pressure. It has vitamin C, potassium in the blood, which lowers blood pressure and moisture control. It increases the circulation of blood due to a lot of anti-oxidants.
4. Laikopina growth hormone affects the body. The metabolic process of the body to quickly produce heat. The decrease in body fat.
5. Tomatoes are particularly resistant to the effects of age. The skin shriveled, fold wrinkles to read or be read to take away laikopina Tomatoes. Source: Youth Health Map and The Times of India

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