016 5 February, the Federal Reserve Bank of Bangladesh to hold reserves of 10 million to 10 million dollars was stolen.

Economic News: Seeing gata became one of the year that this time of year is known is that the US Federal Reserve Bank reserve money from Bangladesh have been stealing money from the reserve of Bangladesh Bank reserve money to change it.
The US Federal Reserve has been stolen from the Bangladesh Bank reserve money that thinks that nothing arthamuntri AMA Muhith. This was the comment arthamuntri AMA Muhith. Many of these comments was samalocanaya arthamuntri.
The minister said, “is still determined, as long as the Awami League government will establish, whether it’s a coalition or something else will be pursued. I’m still persist, I will be in the future. ”
Until now returned from the Philippines and a half million dollars. There are also the more than six million dollars (510 million). Uncertainty has been created with the rest of the refund.
In his view, the amount of money that has been trying to harm the country’s economy is much larger.

Ministry of Finance

MP Rustam Ali Farazi wanted to know about the progress of the recovery of the money stolen reserves.
He said arthamuntri: Sri Lanka’s two million dollars in return. Eight million to 10 million dollars goes to the rest of the Philippines.
The former governor of Bangladesh Bank Rahman left, including the Philippines, the government is trying to regain the money.
However, the finance minister says, “a little money in reserve, that is nothing. Our claim for the Delegation to Bangladesh, Destruction of the Economy, it’s much bigger.
How much money could I reserve it? It could not have been more than 100 million dollars. ”
Although the reserve about money, finance minister began to talk about the beginning of the payment to Pakistan.
He said, “Whenever we get a chance, they would say about our dues.
Etalista Awami League government of Sheikh Hasina’s government that it always. … The Awami League government has made it a personal interest in me. Because the author of myself. ”
The minister said, “We placed four in the manner of our claim against Pakistan.
The four different types of compensation, damages, and we wanted to ensure that we are still intact. ”
After saying this, he reminded the minister of the reserves was the question of money. Then he started talking about it.

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