Frustrated with the situation in the state of Tamil Nadu – Rajinikanth

Entertainment Desk: A few days ago, the great star he loves power. Speculation spread instantly, he was about to come into politics. “Ksamatabalate understand what people perceived the bones superstar Rajinikanth.
Actor politics is nothing new to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa in the kingdom after the death of a political vacuum that has been said so many folks coming maybe in politics. According to sources close, disappointed with Rajinikanth in Tamil Nadu.
Rajinikanth has been speculation about the possibility of coming to politics in a short time. He said Rajinikanth spiritual “said saktira.
Rajinikanth for a short time in politics has not stopped speculation on social media. Tamil movie night for nearly four decades. As well as worked with the dominance of Bollywood. However, avoid contact with are political. That question has already proved his political charisma.
It is known from the past tradition of barter in 1996 that was supposed to be the chief minister Jayalalitha. But the night was a comment Jayalalithaa is elected to power, God can not save Tamil Nadu. “Jaya then lose support. Ammar defeat.
A decade later, however, change that night. Jayalalitake ‘astalra Avatar, “he said.
Rajinikanth met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi before the Assembly elections. Superstar still did not come into politics. However, the position was changing. And build up a new team.
The new team, the team will step on hand for the Tamil Nadu BJP party.

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