Just 10,000 rawhide may have harmed, says Industries Minister

Rawhide being emptied from a pickup van in the capital. Photograph: UNB

Businesses Minister Advocate Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun on Sunday said around one crore rawhides should be gathered for the current year, and 10,000 of them may have harmed for different reasons.

He thought of the announcement after a tripartite gathering of leather experts, shippers and others partners of the cowhide business at the Commerce Ministry in the capital today (Sunday).

The Industries Minister said a plot is on to hurt the advancement of calfskin industry. “Yet, our the present gathering is effective as we’ve had the option to take care of the overarching issues.”

About the emergency regarding the contribution of skin dealers, the pastor said they never concocted such protests before. “The FBCCI has been given the undertaking to understand the unfulfilled obligations from the leather experts.”

He said the FBCCI is booked to hold a gathering with the leather treaters and skin traders on August 22 to tackle the issue.

The priest additionally said a political intention was there in making the issue over the rawhide deal. “We’re mindful of it.”

As his consideration was attracted to dumping of 30 truckloads of rawhides in Chattogram, Nurul Majid said BNP may have contribution in it.

About the rawhide e4xport, he said they will take an official choice later evaluating the general circumstance.

Majid likewise said the legislature is attempting to detail rules for the calfskin business.

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