Govt’s fall approaching, says Moudud

Politics Desk, Tanvir Ahamed Shawon, Staff Reporter, Dhaka Office: Govt’s fall approaching, says Moudud, BNP senior leader Moudud Ahmedon Fridaysaid the government has were given desperate to arrest BNP leaders and activists sensing itsimminent fall.

“The pics of the day past’s (Thursday’s) incident befell in the front of the Jatiya Press Club have been posted in all of the newspapers these days (Friday). It shook the complete kingdom,” he said.

Speaking at a dialogue, he in addition stated, “When does a government perform such an incident? A government turns into determined and indulges in such anarchy in large sunlight hours while its fall is imminent.”

Moudud, a BNP status committee member, additionally said the government is selectively arresting their birthday party’s subject and mid-stage leaders to keep away from its looming fall.

Youth Forum, a seasoned-BNP platform, arranged the programme at the Jatiya Press Club worrying BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s instant release from prison.

On Thursday, police arrested Chhatra Dal leader Mizanur Rahman Raj from BNP’s sit-in programme in front of the Jatiya Press Club and foiled it simply 13 mins earlier than its scheduled conclusion.

Moudud stated Awami League leaders used to mention they’re very famous, and that they held a large rally inside the capital on March 7.

“I would love to tell them take a look at your recognition through a impartial election. But, you won’t do it as you understand you’ll suffer a massive defeat.”
He alleged that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is in search of vote for her birthday party illegally and unethically spending public cash and vailing of all state centers.

The BNP chief stated Sheikh Hasina can are searching for vote for ‘boat’ as Awami League’s president with out playing any state facilities.

“I’ve heard she inaugurated 99 improvement initiatives and advised people to vote for boat. But she cannot do it as in step with the election code of conduct. We’ll don’t have any objection if she seeks votes with the aid of arranging a rally with her private money and without taking authorities centers, like automobiles and protection,” he said.

He stated the Election Commission should create an equal possibility for Khaleda Zia to carry out election campaign if the Prime Minister does the identical.

Moudud was hoping that their chairperson will pop out of prison next week after taking bail from the High Court.


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