India will come forward:Commerce minister



Dhaka dex : Commerce Ahmed said Bangladesh has achieved the ability to export products in the world.

There is a demand in the developed countries of the world. Export is increasing day by day.

India is a close friend of Bangladesh. India is a big country, a big market.

India, Bangladesh to all products except tobacco and alcohol duty and quota free export facility has provided. But due to the complexity of tariffs Bangladesh can not export as expected.

The minister of neighboring India and Bangladesh as the country a lot of expectations.

Through mutual cooperation between the two countries to increase trade.

Both countries sat down to discuss the current problems can be resolved. Bangladesh hopes could be solved through dialogue, trade and complexity. So India will come forward.
Indian Chamber of Commerce in India subscribes to the minister last night organized by the Ministry of Trade and Industry Partnership Summit held in Andhra Pradesh, the second day of bhisakhapataname “ohapharadhadam ohahbamatdhahraraha rihya jharamhya padhattrah jharamhyabadhamh anradha” at No. 8, made the remarks during his speech plinari session.
Secretary General of the Confederation of Indian Industry subscribes candrajita Banerjee plinari session presided over by, among others, spoke at the Indian Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Nepal Commerce Romeo gocana thaka.