Three Bangladeshi films to be screened in Pune

Entertainment Desk, Staff Reporter, Apon Chowdhury, Dhaka Office: Three Bangladeshi films to be screened in Pune, Three Bangladeshi movies have been invited to take part on the 8th edition of the ‘Asian Film Festival’ in Pune, India.

Asian Film Festival has been organised in Pune after an opening of six years. Beginning from January 24, the competition will run till January 30.

During the weeklong competition, extra than 50 movies from 15 Asian international locations may be screened.
The complete-period Bangladeshi characteristic movie ‘Sohagir Goyna’ (Sohagi’s Ornament) directed by means of Lata Ahmed may be screened nowadays, whilst Amitabh Reza Choudhury’s debut huge screen mission ‘Aynabaji’ might be screened on January 29 and Animesh Aich’s modern-day film ‘Bhoyonkor Sundor’ (Killing Beauty) could be screened on January 30.

‘Sohagir Goyna’ indicates a 12yr old boy in a rural village in Bangladesh should depart his family and his overwhelm to try to find work inside the massive town of Dhaka.

On the opposite hand, Aynabaji’ revolves round Ayna, a struggling actor, finds that the simplest manner to comply with his ardour is to take on the maximum tough roles possible-imitating the nicely-connected if you want to serve their prison sentences. Aynabaji is a have a look at of the horrifying forces the impoverished must cope with survive in a international built upon their backs.

‘Bhoyonkor Sundor’ shows an harmless couple Muku and Nayontara, lives in an area of Dhaka metropolis where supply of drinking water is confined. In summer season, water supply is ceased for a few days. Local dwellers saved some water for emergency, however Muku and Nayontara don’t have any water in any respect. So they beg water to each door. Nobody gives them water, but beat Nayontara mercilessly. Nayontara becomes revengeful and takes her revenge in a unique way.


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