Mahanayak Uttam Kumar’s 93rd birth anniv today

Unbelievable Bengali film on-screen character Uttam Kumar’s 93rd birthday will be watched today.

To stamp the day in a befitting way, socio-social associations organized expound programs in Bangladesh and West Bengal of India.

Additionally, satellite TV stations of both the nations will air quality projects to pay tributes to the late notable genius of the screen.

Uttam Mancha of Kolkata organized a unique program to observe Mahanayak’s birthday today.

Uttam Kumar is a flexible virtuoso of his time. He is appreciated as the notorious hotshot of Bengali film ever. Other than cutting a specialty in the filmdom; the hotshot was an artist, author, lyricist and executive – at the same time. Uttam earned popularity through delivering in any event seven movies close by filled in as vocalist, arranger and executive in another six movies during his lifetime.

Uttam Kumar was conceived as Arun Kumar Chatterjee at his familial home in Kolkata on September 3 of every 1926. He is generally viewed as one of the best and exemplary entertainers of Indian film and known as Mahanayak.

He stays as quite a bit of a social symbol. Through his vocation he has earned business just as basic applause.

Uttam is viewed as one of the most mainstream film stars throughout the entire existence of Indian film. He figured out how to have various fans and he fundamentally packed in the areas of Bengal and Bangladesh.

In his lifetime, he was a beneficiary of various honors, including National Film Award for Best Actor. In his respect, a Metro Station was renamed in Kolkata.

His first discharge was Drishtidan coordinated by Nitin Bose. He likewise worked in a previous unreleased film titled Mayador.

At that point he acted in around four to five flims – which were all failures.

He named as the ‘Flop Master General’. When he used to enter the studio, individuals would giggle at him and pass remarks like ‘Here comes the new Durgadas….Meet the new Chabbi Biswas…’.

He even considered leaving the universe of film always and would work at Calcutta Ports. However, his significant other Gouri Chatterjee revealed to him that it better not to carry out a responsibility as his heart isn’t in it.

He, later, got the contact at MP Studios for a long time. The studios created the film ‘Basu Paribar’ in which he came into the noticeable quality, however his achievement film was ‘Agni Parikshain’ in 1954.

The film started the accomplishment of the unequaled sentimental pair of Uttam Kumar-Suchitra Sen, however they had first combined in ‘Sarey Chuattor’. It kept running for a record 15 weeks and built up Uttam in the business.

Aside from Bengali, Uttam Kumar likewise acted in some Hindi movies, for example, ‘Chhoti Si Mulaqat’, ‘Amanush’, ‘Anand Ashram’, ‘Dooriyaan’, ‘Bandie’ and ‘Kitaab’. Be that as it may, his transcending commitment was to Bengali film and the Bengali film industry in general.

From 1947 to 1980, both in Bengali and Hindi, Uttam Kumar acted in 202 movies. Of them, 39 were blockbusters, 57 were super hits, 57 made benefits over the normal and the rest floundered.

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