Lawmen on firm stance to thwart high school groups

Law masters have refused to compromise on containing diverse composed young packs in the capital and somewhere else the nation over.

They said the young people are engaging in different violations, including murder, stalking young ladies, conflict and coercion.

The group individuals additionally ride motorbikes neglectfully and blare unnecessarily.

Police have captured various adolescent frauds in different neighborhoods of Dhaka.

The most recent occasion of the crackdown on groups included the capture of 110 young people in Hatirjheel for supposedly bothering individuals by making disgusting comments and signals at walkers on Friday.

As indicated by RAB, in excess of 400 such pack individuals have so far been captured in the course of the most recent three years. Of them, 174 are in the present year while 190 in the course of the most recent two years.

In the interim, Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia has vowed to ‘clear out’ a wide range of posses in an offer to check wrongdoings in the capital.

“Regardless of whether it’s a high schooler posse or something different, the word ‘group’ won’t exist in Dhaka. They’ll all be cleared out,” said the active DMP boss.

A developing pattern of youths and youngsters framing gatherings and perpetrating different violations in the capital has risen in what is being portrayed as a ‘pack culture’. By and large, these posses have brought forth from basic Facebook gatherings.

The individuals meet and speak with one another through different advanced mobile phone applications. They generally fiddle with crimes, for example, the utilization of medications and capturing while some have even been associated with homicides.

Police and Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) captured numerous such group individuals a few times, however the young people come back to recidivism after bail from court.

Law masters have reprimanded watchmen for such exercises of their youngsters.

The vast majority of the youngster group individuals in Dhanmondi are understudies of English medium schools and they are from rich families.

On March 1, a gathering of 25 to 30 young people were pounding another adolescent named Sainan Hossain, an understudy of SFX Greenherald International School, at Dhanmondi-32.

At that point, his companion and schoolmate Rakesh Chakma came to spare him. At that point, one of the group individuals cut Rakesh, leaving him harmed.

The assault was completed as Sainan dissented stalking of his female colleague by Abu Safat, one of the group individuals, a couple of days prior.

They bother young ladies of schools and universities. They frequently conflict with different gatherings over building up matchless quality.

Now and again, they drive cruisers heedlessly and sound unnecessarily. Senior individuals fear the high schooler packs.

In January, the posse individuals beat up a young lady in a café and spread that video via web-based networking media.

On October 4 night a year ago, around 20 to 30 individuals from ‘biker hoodlum’ of Khilgaon-Shahjahanpur region riding on motorbikes, accumulated before an inexpensive food shop at Taltola and requested Tk50,000 from Monir Hossain, a nearby Bkash specialist.

As he wouldn’t pay the cash, they began terminating. Be that as it may, luckily, nobody got injured.

Quick Action Battalion-3 raced to the spot and held eight of them—Mehedi Hasan, 22, Shahriar, 22, Kazi Yusuf Bin Showkat, 19, Aminul Islam, 20, Abu Hurayra Adib, 18, Sabbir Hosain, 18, Shishir Ahmed, nom de plume Sajal, 22 and Mazharul Islam assumed name Anik Islam, 21.

As per Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), Jim-Jiad Group, Shanto Group, Arafat Group, Kamal Group, Ansar and other teenager gatherings are dynamic in Dakshinkhan.

The conflict among Shanto and Arafat gatherings murdered Mehedi Hasan close to KC Convention Hall on August 31.

A Facebook Group called ‘Bond 007’ went to the fore after its individuals were associated with the light murder of Barguna youth Refat Shorif in June this year.

Young posse quarrel was behind the homicide of 17-year-old Mehedi Hasan Shuvo, who was executed by his opponents in the capital’s Dakkhin Khan territory on August 31, said police.

Most group individuals are from higher and upper white collar class of the general public. Some of them wind up ingesting medications and have been associated with different violations like coercion, robbing, stalking, etc.

To show off their quality, these posse individuals – matured somewhere in the range of 16 and 24 – regularly drive motorbikes boisterously, and conflict with other gathering individuals, said police and local people.

Among them, “Shanto gathering” and “Arafat gathering” have 60 to 70 individuals every, who have backing from neighborhood political pioneers as they regularly partake in political exercises, as indicated by local people.

On July 1, this year, Police captured 10 individuals from the infamous Bangla Group regarding murder.

Police have said the murdering of a 16-year-old kid in Dhaka’s Rayer Bazar was the aftereffect of young group savagery.

The perished, Yasin Arafat, was an individual from Love Lane posse, Hazaribagh police headquarters Officer-in-Charge (OC) Ekram Ali Mia said.

The Bangla Group has in excess of 50 individuals, he said. The youngster posses in the city’s Mohammadpur region are demonstrating increasingly more savage with the days passing by, state local people.

Star Bond, Jumman, Molla Rabbi, Tekka Lao, Larade, Atanka and Film Jhir are accounted for to be among them.

Various conflicts among the gatherings have just brought about the killings of two while various youngsters endured wounds.

On the night of September 4, Atanka Group assaulted individuals from Film Jhir at Chandmiya Housing Area executing Mohsin, a tenth-grader of Child Heaven International School and harming three others.

Yousuf, sibling of Mohsin, documented a homicide case with Mohammadpur Police Station, denouncing 13 named and a couple of anonymous people.

Shapna, senior sister of Mohsin, on Friday told day by day sun they were uninformed whether there was any animosity between her sibling and others.

About adolescent posse, she said her sibling had no connection with any high school gatherings.

Idris Ali, father of Mohsin, was additionally murdered a couple of years back. The relatives speculate that the muggers murdered Idris to grab his CNG-controlled auto-rickshaw.

Bhutto and Salauddin, occupants of Chandmiya Housing Area, said there are numerous youngster bunches in the zone. Here and there, they engage in furious conflicts.

A youngster, whose relative was captured by police on doubt of executing Mohsin, told day by day sun that there are adolescent groups in practically every path in Mohammadpur.

He said Molla Rabbi Group is attempting to set up their amazingness in the Martyred Intellectuals Memorial zone at Rayerbazar. Some of the time, the gathering stages standoff with more than 50 of its individuals in the territory.

Quick Action Battalion (RAB) has so far captured 90 individuals from various groups from the capital.

Of them, the power held 17 individuals from Star Bond Group from Mohammadpur on August 24 and 25, as they were planning to assault Molla Rabbi Group.

A year ago, Molla Rabbi Group executed one of the individuals from Star Bond Group, as indicated by RAB sources.

GG Biswas, official accountable for Mohammadpur Police Station, conceded the presence of high schooler gatherings to the day by day sun.

He said police with the assistance of mosque imams and teachers are preventing the adolescents from being engaged with the pack culture.

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