Brandishing it up

The pattern of wearing workout clothes in an in vogue way is the thing that athleisure is about. Despite the fact that the pattern has been around for some time, it was not until 2014 when the world chose that stockings and hoodies can be portions of a style proclamation.

The athleisure outfit is tied in with consolidating the set of three of solace, design, and capacity. So as to pull the ordinary athleisure look, it is imperative to adjust your normal wear, similar to coats, jeans, or heels, with exercise pieces like shoes, sports bras, or warm up pants.

Try to consistently go for agreeable game pieces that can likewise twofold as popular and chic ones; basically, removing a page from the ’90s motivated Mel C a.k.a Sporty Spice’s style book!

Pair a games bra with a calfskin coat or choose a couple of tights with a popular short waisted coat for easygoing home bases. Another rendition of this which is ideal for dates is tights, a tunic, pants coat, and your ideal pair of mentors.

In case you’re arranging a night out or supper with companions, take a stab at styling a sheer or semi-straightforward T-shirt or pullover with tights and explanation extras and wedges!

Far and away superior, what about joggers with siphons? Trust us, the blend looks cooler than it sounds! Couple your preferred exercise tights with longer best or a shirt tied at the midsection or a games bra and curiously large sweater. Pair your outfit with slides or tennis shoes.

Rather than an overcoat, choose an aircraft coat or pair one of your athleisure T-shirts with custom fitted pieces for an increasingly formal enlivened look. Another option in contrast to that is thin pants, a T-shirt or tank top of your decision and either a printed or brilliant shaded track coat. Wear your hair up in a smooth braid and loops or geometric formed hoops.

Couple high-waisted pants with a yield top for an energetic, joyful, comfortable look.

Do remember that athleisure wear and thusly, the search for utilizing exercise pieces, fits best for easygoing to semi-easygoing occasions. The mix isn’t intended for formal occasions and there’s the remote possibility that on the off chance that you fuse such a large number of rec center pieces in a single look, you may wind up resembling a 90s hip-jump rapper.

Along these lines, consistently make sure to wear what works for your body shape just as what works best for your very own style!


Blend and match between your exercise and customary wear pieces

Maintain a strategic distance from the matchy-matchy or monotoned look.

Either the top or base ought to be the main proclamation piece

Trial by blending or layering pieces

Ensure your dynamic wear is climate amicable

Keep all your athleisure pieces clean

Remember to decorate

Either do prints or brilliant hues, not both

Your comfiest joggers will look extraordinary with a couple of smooth heels

Photograph: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Styling: Sonia Yeasmin Isha

Model: Efa, Rabbi

Closet: Puma Bangladesh

Area: Puma Bangladesh Store

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