Tangled up in injury

Tumpa (not her genuine name) experienced childhood in her maternal granddad’s home in a little town of Bogura’s Dhunat upazila and was a seventh-grade understudy at a close by secondary school.

Be that as it may, her life changed when on April 15 a year ago her neighbor, Bakul, 24, supposedly went inside her home and after that assaulted and impregnated her, as per a case documented by Tumpa’s dad.

With a seven-month-old child in her arms, she fled her dad’s home in August 2018 looking for a rooftop over her head, sustenance and some empathy for her and her infant.

Following a court request, Tumpa, 13, and her child are presently shielded at the Rajshahi Safe Home – a spot for adolescent delinquents or exploited people without a protected spot to remain.

There, the mother and child restlessly hang tight for the Bogura judge court to choose today who will get care of her and her kid.

In the mean time, the minor mother has been exposed to physical and mental torment, coercion, terrorizing and social shame of assorted types.


After the episode and an underlying town intervention, Tumpa’s dad documented a case on October 3.

As indicated by the case explanation, on April 15, 2018, Bakul went into her room and assaulted her around 4:30pm.

The case explanation likewise asserted that Tumpa’s granddad, in the wake of seeing the occurrence, coerced her platitude he would inform the townspeople regarding the assault on the off chance that she didn’t have intercourse with him.

Both the neighbor and the granddad assaulted her multiple times, the case proclamation asserted.

Tumpa gave her announcement to the judge’s court on October 24, 2018, claiming that she had been assaulted by the two men, who are currently in prison anticipating preliminary, police said.

In any case, in an ongoing discussion with this journalist Tumpa asserted that her dad constrained her to dishonestly ensnare her granddad for the situation.

“My granddad never assaulted me,” Tumpa told this journalist on August 17 at Dhunat Police Station premises.

“I blamed my maternal granddad when my auntie [maternal uncle’s wife] and my dad taken steps to murder my mom, a pieces of clothing specialist in Dhaka, on the off chance that I didn’t do as such,” she affirmed.

Both Tumpa and her mom claimed that her maternal granddad was involved for the situation in light of the fact that Tumpa’s dad was attempting to stay away from “charges of snatching”.

Inquired as to why her dad might be accused of kidnapping, police said they have motivations to accept that Tumpa’s dad had built up an association with his brother by marriage spouse. He at that point took the lady and her tyke to a different leased house, only 10 days before recording the case.

After he left with the lady, Tumpa’s granddad had compromised him of documenting a kidnapping body of evidence against him.

Asked, Tumpa’s dad admitted to the relationship and said his brother by marriage spouse persuaded him that Tumpa’s granddad likewise assaulted her.

Addressing this reporter, the lady, in any case, disproved the charges.


After the occurrence, Tumpa was sent away from her granddad’s home to her father’s.

At the point when her pregnancy was affirmed, her dad at first attempted to wed her off to Bakul.

A mediation encouraged by the association parishad director was held among Tumpa and Bakul’s families and where a marriage was settled upon, relying on the prerequisite that Tumpa’s tyke’s DNA coordinated with that of Bakul, Tumpa’s dad told this reporter.

At the point when Bakul’s family discovered that there might be inclusion of the granddad, they withdrew from the marriage bargain, he included.

After this current, Tumpa’s dad chose to record a case blaming their neighbor and Tumpa’s granddad for assaulting her.


After her child was conceived, Tumpa’s dad leased a house and restricted both mother and tyke there.

“We had almost no sustenance and cash. My fatherly grandma, who lived with us, continually tormented me rationally, decrying me for getting assaulted and bringing forth an infant,” she said.

On August 15, she fled to a relative’s home, just to be captured by police and taken to Bogura judge’s court, which had at first given the dad the authority of Tumpa.

Sub-assessor of Dhunat Police Station Shahinur Rahman, examination official of the case, stated, “We gathered the DNA tests of the person in question, the infant, and the two asserted attackers and sent those to Dhaka. The charge sheet will be submitted once all the DNA tests results arrive.”

With respect to granddad’s association, Public Prosecutor Ashequr Rahman Sujon said the assault survivor has the choice to apply to give a second explanation to the court, yet it is smarter to do as such in the wake of getting the DNA test outcomes.