6 Months of Ducsu: Nothing’s changed

In the run-up to the Ducsu surveys, the applicants made numerous elevated guarantees about unraveling the convenience emergency and ensuring understudies’ privileges.

A half year into the hotly anticipated surveys of Dhaka University Central Students Union, residences at the college are still tormented by serious settlement lack with numerous understudies as yet living in clogged gono [public] rooms, where more than 30 understudies live in a room implied for four beds. Some even rest in the passages and housetops of the residence structures.

Numerous understudies assert that Chhatra League pioneers are still responsible for who gets the opportunity to live where room.

“First year understudies are constrained to remain in the gono rooms and participate in the political projects while the experts have for all intents and purposes no influence over seat dispersion,” said a first year understudy, who lives in one such room at Shaheed Sergeant Zahurul Haq Hall.

“The BCL pioneers utilize these rooms as an apparatus. It is simpler for the them get an enormous number of understudies behind them by giving the understudies a chance to live in such rooms,” said the understudy of political theory, wishing not to be named due to his dread of losing his convenience at the college.

Moshiur Rahman, a third year understudy of human science, said most boards running for the Ducsu, promised to nullify the gono rooms. Be that as it may, the promises were overlooked once the decision was finished.

Ducsu surveys were on March 11 in the midst of charges of abnormalities and vote fixing. The past decision was held 28 years back.

The Bangladesh Chhatra League-drove board won 23 posts, including that of the general secretary. The posts of VP and social administration secretary were won by Bangladesh Sadharon Chhatra Odhikar Songrokkhon Parishad.

“The Ducsu pioneers are currently occupied with advancing themselves utilizing extravagant words while the enduring issues persevere,” said Montasir Mamun, a fourth year understudy of history.

Conversing with The Daily Star, a few Ducsu individuals accused the top chiefs.

“The VP is caught up with joining his very own foundation the nation over,” said a Ducsu part, mentioning obscurity.

In the mean time, dissenting the Ducsu’s inability to constrain the college specialists to make strides, Ducsu part Tanvir Hasan Saikat has been remaining at a gono space for over seven days. He presented a notice to the Vice Chancellor on Thursday, requesting satisfactory private offices for understudies.

“All Ducsu pioneers ought to have raised their voices to address the emergency, however we have neglected. This is the reason I am remaining here, leaving my very own room,” said Saikat, likewise a previous BCL focal advisory group part.

Conceding that they missed the mark regarding staying faithful to their obligations, VP Nurul Haque Nur said the need participation from BCL-upheld pioneers and carelessness of the specialists were at fault.

“They [BCL] have 23 agents. We could do nothing without their participation,” he said.

Nur said the BCL was sustaining the training to have the option to compel understudies to get behind them.

Be that as it may, Ducsu Assistant General Secretary Saddam Hussain said the understudies did not live in the gono room as activists of any association.

“The specialists offer seats to an understudy when they are in third year. The BCL enables the understudies to live in the residence,” he said.

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