Bangladesh can produce smart NIDs: EC

The Election Commission (EC) Technical Committee says it will be possible to produce quality cards in Bangladesh. It has submitted a proposal for producing smartcards at home instead of importing them from abroad.

The committee’s chief, EC Secretary Muhammad Abdullah, and committee member and BUET Computer Science and Engineering Division Professor Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam are currently in France and China inspecting factories in France and China.

The proposal has been submitted after testing sample smartcards from the Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF).

According to their recommendation, it would be possible to get someone like BMTF produce the smartcards on a reasonable price and by ensuring adequate security and quality. That is preferable to importing the cards, they recommended.

In 2014 the Election Commission agreed to a Tk 8 billion deal with French company Oberthur Technologies to produce and distribute 90 million smartcards. After several delays, distribution of the cards began in 2016.

By then 11.5 million more voters have been added to voting lists and a few hundred thousand have to be taken off the lists following their death.

An initiative to gather information on citizens under the age of 18 is also underway.

The Technical Committee proposal submitted last February is currently undergoing scrutiny, EC Secretary Abdullah said. – source

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