New Zealand plans further confinements to firearm proprietorship

A half year after a shooter slaughtered 51 individuals at two Christchurch mosques, New Zealand’s legislature is arranging further confinements to firearm proprietorship.

A bill acquainted with Parliament on Friday would make a register to follow every one of the weapons in the nation and require firearm proprietors to restore their firearm licenses like clockwork rather than each 10, reports AP.

It would likewise put new obligations on specialists to inform police in the event that they accept a weapon proprietor shouldn’t have a permit because of worries over the proprietor’s psychological well-being.

The administration trusts legislators will affirm the enactment before the year’s over.

The proposed measures come after New Zealand in April raced through enactment to boycott attack weapons, for example, AR-15 style rifles. The legislature is as of now remunerating proprietors of restricted quick firing rifles.

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