‘NRC issue to be examined during Hasina’s visit to India’

Head administrator Sheik Hasina is set to visit India during October 3-6 for converses with her Indian partner Narendra Modi, with Dhaka’s worries about individuals prohibited from the National Register of Citizens (NRC) expected to figure on the motivation, reports Hindustan Times.

This will be the principal meeting among Modi and Hasina in the present terms. Hasina protected a third successive term with an avalanche triumph in December 2018 while Modi started his second term in June. India-Bangladesh relations have been reinforced under the two chiefs, who have together dined a few ventures, particularly in availability.

Other than holding chats with Modi, Hasina is set to address the India Economic Summit of the World Economic Forum on October 4.

During the discussions, the Bangladeshi side is required to raise its worries that those barred from the NRC in Assam could be ousted, individuals acquainted with advancements said.

These worries have been activated by open remarks by lawmakers in Assam, for example, fund serve Himanta Biswa Sharma, who has said India should persuade Bangladesh to “acknowledge its natives who had settled in India unlawfully”.

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