New tempest to hit Bahamas two weeks after Hurricane Dorian

Another tempest is compromising the Bahamas only two weeks after Hurricane Dorian tore through piece of the islands.

Tropical Depression Nine reinforced into Tropical Storm Humberto on Friday night.

It is as of now moving northwest towards Great Abaco island, one of the islands most exceedingly terrible hit by Dorian.

Around 1,300 individuals are absent in the Bahamas following the storm, while at any rate 15,000 are needing safe house, nourishment and restorative consideration, reports BBC.

Humberto is because of cause solid breezes and substantial rains on the islands, with certain zones possibly observing 15 cm (six inches) of downpour and wind rates of 45 km/h (30 mph).

Humberto could fortify into another sea tempest over the coming days, despite the fact that this isn’t probably going to occur until it has disregarded the Bahamas.

Authorities have cautioned that flooding from the crisp tempest could hamper their salvage and aid projects.

Typhoon Dorian battered the Bahamas not long ago, murdering at any rate 50 individuals. As the tidy up activity proceeds, the loss of life is required to rise.

On Thursday the US reported $4m (£3.2m) in new helpful help for the Bahamas.

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