Not much, Tk 57cr gone

Authorities have gone to numerous preparation abroad, purchased five vehicles for Tk 2.5 crore and leased five more for Tk 10 lakh for every month, except they have not in any case chosen the venture zones.

What’s more, albeit nothing has been done since the dispatch of the task 14 months prior, venture authorities have spent Tk 57 crore of the Tk 1,500 crore plan titled Sustainable Forests and Livelihood.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Environment, Forest and Climate Change yesterday communicated hatred at this, saying it is only sheer carelessness.

“Indeed, even some essential works, for example, setting up the preparation module, choosing educators and the undertaking regions have not been finished. Be that as it may, they have acquired and leased vehicles. This is only sheer carelessness towards the usage of the venture,” said an individual from the House body.

“Not just that. Nine authorities of the timberland division visited India and Nepal in June a year ago for preparing utilizing the undertaking reserve. This isn’t adequate,” he included.

Of the task cost, Tk 12,00 crore will originate from the World Bank in credit and the rest from the open reserve.

“The five-year undertaking started in July a year ago. Be that as it may, nothing of hugeness has been accomplished for the usage of the venture over the most recent 14 months,” panel Chairman Saber Hossain Chowdhury told correspondents after the gathering at the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban.

Authorities couldn’t choose the task territories, he included.

The task means to create community backwoods the board and increment open doors for elective pay for the individuals who are reliant on timberlands for their job, as indicated by undertaking reports.

Under the undertaking, trees will be planted in 76,000 hectares of land in 600 towns. The task looks to improve the lives of 40,000 individuals.

At yesterday’s gathering, the House board of trustees individuals communicated frighten when task authorities couldn’t discuss any noteworthy advancement in spite of the fact that they effectively spent Tk 57 crore, meeting sources said.

“The advancement of the undertaking is a long way from our desire,” Saber told correspondents.

Additionally curiously, the timberland and condition service rejected the Project Evaluation Committee (PEC).

Be that as it may, the service authorities couldn’t clarify why it was done when the parliament council individuals looked to know it.

“‘We have requested that the service give a clarification in the following gathering,” Saber said.

The PEC has been rejected as a high ranking representative of the service needs his sibling at its steerage, sources said.

Reached, Project Director Zahir Uddin Ahmed said they purchased five vehicles for Tk 2.5 crore and leased another five autos for Tk 2.5 lakh each every month.

Gotten some information about the deferral in beginning the venture work, he stated, “It has now begun.”

About the outside excursions by venture authorities, he stated, “Those were study visits. They went there to learn. I can’t utter a word more.”


The board of trustees additionally requested that the earth service punish Dhaka North City Corporation with a fine for dumping trash in Aminbazar without natural freedom.

“The Dhaka North City Corporation is dumping waste and trash at the landfill in Aminbazar without the imperative natural leeway from the Department of Environment. By doing this, the city company is dirtying condition. So we requested that the service force fine on the city partnership,” said Saber.

“What the Dhaka North City Corporation is doing is absolutely unlawful. The Department of Environment prior sent a letter to the city partnership to abstain from dumping waste around there however they paid no notice. We have requested that the service serve a notice requiring the conclusion of the landfill,” he included.

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