Akshay Kumar stood by the Indian Army

Akshay Kumar stood by the Indian Army and their families. Sukamaya paribarapichu soldiers killed a total of 9 million donated 1 million to 8 million came to the discussion of the Bollywood star.

On March 11, was killed by Maoists in Chhattisgarh sukamaya 1 CRPF jawans. This tragedy has touched many hearts. Many soldiers stood by, who made the attack, said their indignation. Bollywood star but has not restricted himself to merely replies or statements.

Sbarastramantralayera Akshay was concerned with communication. He said the soldiers want to do something for the family. 1 John martyr of him, he was given a bank account number. Akshay military officials welcomed the initiative. 1 John martyr’s family bank account number was given to him.

Akshay 9 lakh each account, the deposit has a total of 1 million to 8 million. Siaiesaephaera said in a statement on behalf of the army and the country how respectful Akshay Kumar, this behavior can be understood. Akshay congratulated Home Minister Rajnath Singh said his role will be an example to others.

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