Meghna Group avoids Tk 18,000cr in expenses

Meghna Group, an organization that earned an awful notoriety for waterway bank getting, showcase restraining infrastructure and tax evasion, has evaded charges worth Tk 18,000 crore.As numerous as 1,500 cases documented by various worries of Meghna Group are pending with different councils and the zenith court, sources said.

The organization has recorded the cases since 2001 to transform the administration’s assessment claims into a sub judice issues and at last square accumulation of the charges.

Meghna Group has made a record by documenting a torrent of arguments against the administration, putting genuine expense paying organizations at an uneven challenge. Acknowledgment of duties worth a great many crore hangs in money owed to the pending cases, sources said.

National Board of Revenue (NBR) couldn’t understand around Tk 6,542 crore in income in light of 16,372 uncertain cases, demonstrates an information refreshed till March.

NBR is confronting troubles in gathering the assessment accumulation focus because of the pending cases.

In such a circumstance, the variety of cases by Meghna Group is viewed as a noteworthy boundary to the administration’s expense accumulation and spending usage.

Aside from recording cases, the organization additionally plays different stunts to postpone the consultation and looks for deferment with a ulterior rationale to avoid charge.

Meghna Group’s worries Tanveer Food Ltd, Tanveer Steel Mills Ltd, Unique Cement Industries Ltd, United Sugar Mills Ltd, United Edible Oil Mills Ltd, Tanveer Oils Ltd, Janata Flour and Dal Mills Ltd, United Fiber Industries Ltd, Tanveer Polymer Industries Ltd, Tasnim Condensed Milk Ltd, Tanveer Paper Mills Ltd, Tasnim Chemical Complex Ltd,Unique Power Plant Ltd, and Sonargaon Salt Industries Ltd recorded the cases.

Legitimate specialists said any organization may record petitions with the NBR or the High Court in the event of any assessment contest. The High Court may engage the request or reject it. Some of the time, HC may dismiss a request and send it to NBR for choice by assessments redrafting courts.

In such circumstances, an organization needs to pay 10 percent of the asserted measure of expense to get its request heard and settled by the charges council. On the off chance that any organization is abused with the judgment of any court, it can move to the HC again testing the choice.

Numerous organizations resort to claims with an evil thought process to sidestep charge as assurance of such cases is a long-drawn methodology, said the legitimate specialists.

Previous Appellate Division Justice AHM Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik said the courts are stalled with accumulation of cases. An area of organizations is recording new cases and postponing the conference to evade charge.

He said the Attorney General should find a way to speed up transfer of the duty related petitions.

Conversing with the every day sun, Attorney General Mahbubey Alam said “We are attempting to speed up the transfer of the cases. The duty dodgers play numerous stunts to defer the becoming aware of their suits.”

The expense dodgers are making hurt the authentic business visionaries and hampering the administration’s advancement ventures, he said.

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